Download the New iOS 15 Wallpaper for Your iPhone

Download the New iOS 15 Wallpaper to any of your iPhone variants. I have tried to fit the iOS 15 wallpaper to my iPhone 7 Plus it looks great.

The Following release of iOS 15 beta developer version was released recently by Apple in

How to Delete Unused Themes in WordPress Website?

“How to Delete Unused Themes in WordPress Website? ” Today, accidently I got to see a message – improve your site health by deleting the unused themes inside my WordPress Dashboard.

In the recommended improvements it says, You should delete the inactive themes or

How to Search Google Images by Exact Size

“Search Google Images by Exact Size” earlier google had this option in google images >> tools. This tools helps to find the wallpapers, banners, logo, social media posts by the exact size (the dimensions). This was a great tool to take dimension to the necessary size. For an Example

Get A Email When COVID-19 Vaccine Available Near You

This blog helps you to track the Covid-19 Vaccine available in your city and helps you to get the email alert when the vaccine does is available for people eligible for a vaccine.

Right now this blog is the

How to Download iOS 14 beta 2 in India?

Lets discuss about how to get iOS 14 beta 2 in India. It’s already mid of the year and as we all tech enthusiasts expected, Apple announced the next major upgrade to its smartphone operating system iOS at its WWDC 2020 virtual developer conference. And as usual, apple made

How to download the iOS14 beta version in India?

How to download the iOS14 beta version in India?

In this article let’s see about how to download the iOS14 beta version in India. Before that lets see some of the highlights of iOS and Apple.

In 2005, when

What are the top hashtag for Instagram?

I am very excited to share the Top hashtag for Instagram – 2018. Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018. This vast market can be tapped for business without a second thought. Already people are earning and leading a prosperous life through Instagram. Every

Top 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Singapore

Top 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Singapore

Top 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Singapore. Singapore is among the countries which earns a very good return from tourism. It has many places that people can die for. It is known for its cleanliness. This is one of the

17 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

You’re awesome, you have reached the page where you can earn money online without any investment. It post will be a good read for Students, Freshers, Homemakers, and those who are looking for Freelance.  Let get into the ways of earning online without any investment required.

Top iOS & Android – 20 Apps for 2019

The significance of mobile applications in our everyday life and activities became irresistible. This is because of the fact that the transformation created by the mobiles. Mobiles are no more just communication devices. Mobile and applications are just indispensable Individuals, business and for many other purposes.

What are the top 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Goa?

TOP 10 ROMANTIC PLACES TO VISIT IN GOA. Tour and travel is different for different people. For some it is adventure and for some it is relaxation, for others it is knowledge and for many it is a job. There is also something …

What are the top 10 Best Attractions to Visit in Goa this Season?

The 10 Best Attractions to Visit in Goa

The cold breeze of Goa in the month of November can make you forget yourself and here i describe attractions to Visit in Goa during October to December. Your eyes will never be enough to see

31 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN GOA-2019 (Photos & Reviews)

31 Best Place to Visit in Goa for the year 2019 

Without any doubt, Goa is a great place to chill out. There are wonderful places and they will surely be your stress buster or a pill of relaxation. You never have to think

Methods to Deliver Marketing Emails to the Primary inbox?

Know how to hit marketing emails to the Primary inbox. Communications through email caused a revolution. It became so famous that, now there are no business enterprises in the world without email communications and correspondence. Moreover, no business can survive without email communications. The …



Goa is a complete package. You never have to name your trip. You have everything to enjoy in Goa. I can unfold it out for clear understanding. There are many beaches around. And all the fun and parties of


Top 10 Adventure Places to visit in Goa

Sometimes, thrill defines life. Life is a bore if you face no challenges. A regular routine and peaceful life  can sometimes be disappointing. You can make this right by choosing something adventurous in life. It can

How to Add Music to Google Slides Presentation?


I am going to discuss on how to add music to google slides Presentation? . Google has changed our lives. Google has given a lot that makes our life and works easy. Laymen say that a Google knows everything. You might have seen

How to Open mkv File on iOS Device

Today’s topic is How to Open mkv file on iOS  device. Multimedia Container is a word often forgot. MKV files are often mistaken to be audio files or video files. They are multimedia containers. They can contain audios, videos as well as subtitles. The …

How to Free- up Your Mobile Space Using Google Photos

I’ll tell you how to Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos. Google is the leading Internet search engine. It has more than 8 billion web pages. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Stanford dropouts, created the Google search technology from …

How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically

Today’s topic for us will be to learn to Delete Older email from Gmail automatically. You need this so much and I know that.  The super loaded inbox will turn you mad. We can delete them one by one. But it is very time …

Google Domains to Go Live- India

Today, I am going to share  that is new to India. Google Domains to Go- Live India. A domain name is your website name and an address where Internet users can access our website. It is also used for finding and identifying computers …

ios 11 Tips- You Should Know About

Apple with (iOS 11 tips) – This brand name became a name of pride and social status. Apple’s success made it to give everything to its customers in an outstanding manner. It started producing products that were exclusively for Apple Products. In …

How to Mastering in Apple Watch Tips

Today’s discussion will be on Apple watch tips. Apple watches! Why are they so cool? It is cool because they have a very good finish. It stands out from the other watches. But you cannot think only about this. They have a lot …