10 BEST Places to Visit in Goa – 2019 Oct to Dec (Photos & Review)

10 BEST Places to Visit in Goa – 2019 Oct to Dec

The cold breeze of Goa in the month of November can make you forget yourself and here i describe Places to Visit in Goa during October to December. Your eyes will never be enough to see the beach shacks, water sports, events and festivals, sea food, massage and a great party destination. You have to embrace the wide welcome of November Goa. Though Goa seems to be a small place, it has lot of charming areas to feel and enjoy!


You can see the authentic beauty of nature in Goa. The churches and antique homes will narrate you stories as you pass by. You will feel like a cosmopolitan in Goa. (If suppose you are not)You can see a lot of people around belonging to different backgrounds. I can describe with lot of words without breathing. Let us make a list of places that you should never miss. Enjoy the breathtaking places.

Chapora Fort

chapora-fort-Goa 600x436 - Image Courtesy Travellogy India -Places to Visit in Goa
Chapora Fort – Goa

Are you gazing at the picture without reading my text? I understand. You will spell bound the same way if you stand at the site. This is just one dimension of the image. There are more waiting for you there in a spectacular manner. It is great evenings sit out for tourists. The breeze and the view can explain the unexplainable. It is situated near the Vagator Beach, Goa.

This fort was built by Portuguese. And before them, it was owned by Moguls. It is the place where the mouth of the Chapora river and the Arabian river joins. It is an eye- candy to just watch them.


Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is an Art and Learning Centre that houses an Art Gallery, Cafe, Art Store and a Ceramic Studio in addition to organizing and conducting classes and activities for all ages. As you walk in you’ll have an audio playing. It will direct you through the entire Gallery and make you know all about it.


Cabo Palace

Cabo Palace is the official residence of Governor of Goa. The river near it is called the Mandovi. It was a monastery earlier and now the residence of the Governor. Inside the Raj Bhavan you can a beautiful Darbar Hall. It is a room where the Kings held their courts and took important decisions.

It has a collection of Bohemian Chandeliers, Chinese Porcelain, Silver and Furniture.


Cabo Palace - Goa -Places to Visit in Goa
Cabo Palace – Goa


Shree Shantadurga Fatarfekarin Temple

Goddess Durga is in the form of Shantadurga in this temple. She is worshipped by the entire Goa village population. You can never resist yourself to pay reverence to her. This temple is the outcome of a celestial war between Shiva and Vishnu. Durga came to their recue and instill peace.


Shree Shantadurga Fatarfekarin Temple -Places to Visit in Goa
Shree Shantadurga Fatarfekarin Temple


Harvalem Caves

It is situated near the Bicholim town. The caves are so popular that all archeologists will definitely drop in and observe the beautiful rock shelters. These caves belong to the 5th century. It has a great relation with the epic Mahabharatha. When Pandavas were living in exile, they decided to accommodate here.


Harvalem Caves - Goa -Places to Visit in Goa
Harvalem Caves – Goa


Rustic Plantation

It is a great spot for night out. You have to stay there a night. It would be really worthy. You will be surrounded by plants and water in excess. But please make sure you carry food and water with you to spend an excellent night out. You can sure experience Techno camping. Please do not go with your smart phones and tablets. You’ll not know what you actually lose in your life.

Rustic Plantation - Goa -Places to Visit in Goa
Rustic Plantation – Goa


Tomb of St Francis Savior

It would be a great mistake if you do not visit this place. It is in the list of UNESCO World heritage site. It is called to be located in Old Goa. You can see Holy Jesus in this church. There are many kinds of church. The church here is called Basillica and it is the first Basilica church in India.

Tomb of St Francis Savior - Goa -Places to Visit in Goa
Tomb of St Francis Savior – Goa


Rock Formations

You can find the Rock formation in the Palolem beach. You can find these natural phenomena only in very few parts of the country. Goa is one among them.  A balancing rock is a naturally occurring geographic formation that has a stem to hold it safely. It does not balance, but there is someone to hold.

Rock Formations - Goa -Places to Visit in Goa
Rock Formations – Goa


Three King Church

This church is called as three king church. The reason for the name is because of its haunted nature. Do not be scared. It is a damn good place. But you should not tell the following information to anyone. The team from Indian paranormal society also found their presence with the spiritual power too.


Fernandous House Goa

Fernandes house in Chandor village is one of the oldest remaining palaces in Goa. The original house was built 500 years ago. But you can never tell it is that old if you see the furnishing. It is not a normal house. It has a way to escape during distress.

Fernandous House Goa-Places to Visit in Goa
Fernandous House Goa

Please do have a visit to Goa this November and experience the truth in solitude and authentic peace.

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