You are a website owner ?? know about your website

There are many tools to know about your website  ie.. whois details , there is a chance to see your back links  , number of pages indexed  , sitemap everything made found by many browser apps .

The number



The company APPLE  stands  6th position in FORTUNE  500 companies globally,

The company has the Revenue of  156.5$ in billion and the  profit of 41,733 $in million.

Number of employees in Apple 76,100 and

YOUTUBE Videos with no Embed code to blogs

Inserting a you tube video in WordPress with no embed code , its really easy method by just copying the link of an YouTube video and pasting them while writing a post .

The video fits (aligned) the full post area automatically , so

Google plus HASHTAG

The great giant search engine GOOGLE recognize the text which is in image we upload them on  Google plus  if we are searching for the image as “baby” and we can notice the  image with an HASH-TAG in that image baby images similar to that keyword is made display

Translate Your Handwritten Character

We probably use our QWERTY keyboard to  write up digitally but the great giant  never forget  our handwritten concept  the new addon tool is developing in google translator  to write up in hand written format ..


How to Find Near me, Railway Station Free WiFi Provided by Google?

How to Find Near me, Railway Station Free WiFi Provided by Google? (new phrase added – 28 oct, 2018) Really there is a good news for SAN FRANCISCO people. The great giant GOOGLE  contributing 6000000$ for installing wifi in San Francisco parks, nearly 31 parks are made targeted to

Free! Free! window 8.1 update

Windows Blue actually being Windows 8.1, a Windows 8 update released for free through the Windows 8 is better compare to other operating system after discussion. They release windows 8.1 as update for window 8 operating 8.1 has been released on june 26th officially with the full

How to Use Your Gmail ID to Share Content in iOS

Despite updates in iOS 7, you still can’t use third-party apps in Share Sheets, if suppose we uses browser as safari ,you want to share with someone  through mail. We can pressing arrows keys or button it allow to access mail to default mail application.

The First Message.

We all use internet in our daily life , it was just created 50 years back by the group of people involved in creating such a great network  to connect us globally .

The initial idea about internet  is by Leonard Kleinrock’s , he

ENIAC – The First Computer


Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator (ENIAC) is made up 70,000 resistors, 17,648 vacuum tubes, 1,500 relays, 10,000 capacitors, 50,00,000 soldered joints and 6,000 manual switches for performing simple calculations like 5000 additions, 357 multiplications or 38 divisions . .

60 seconds in world wide web



3,70,000 mins voice calls on Skype

90,000 tweets on twitter & 320 new twitter accounts

100 new LinkedIn accounts created

1 new article in Yahoo – associated article

6600 new

What is BRANDING..??

The video explains about the concept of Branding with the example of coca-cola was valued at 70,45,20,00,000$  it was more than the GDP of BOLIVIA , KENYA and BAHRAIN (Bolivia+ Kenya+Bahrain )  In 1886 it was sold only 8

MyCharge Amp 6000 Power Bank

We cannot able to take power supply everywhere. So use  battery for Power saving Even we can connect family, friends through Pc,tablets,mobile.Without charge,we cannot able to charge devices. MyCharge battery packs make it easy to charge your favorite devices on-the-go. Use myCharge to charge phones, tablets, MP3 players, eReaders.

Know the new variety of Smartphone ” Ascend P6 “

This post will help us to know about the grand Ascend P6, Chinese telecoms giant Huawei on Tuesday launched what it said was the world’s thinnest smartphone called Ascend P6, which it hopes will take on high-end rivals Apple and Samsung in the global market. “Our theme for this

How to Safe Your Mail From Hackers?

How to Safe Your Mail From Hackers?

Adam Levis founder of and Identity Theft 911,after they give 11 steps to keep your mail from hackers .Read this ways and follow it and protect your mail from hackers.

Steps to Safe Your Mail From