SHOPPING through QR code


Lets imagine shopping through QR Code ..!!!!!!!

The IDEA is Really interesting virtual shopping store where ever you go . Buy  things in virtual store with QR code – scan the code of the  product in virtual store while you waiting for train or

How can you use QR code in your presentation slides

Lets imagine that , you are invited for a guest lecture in a college . You carry bundle of slides  for presentation .  Prepare your slides before last night and post  them in your website/ blog or else in your google drive / skydrive .

techmaza with qr code in it

Convert the link into

can you rule your website ??

There are situation to find the size of an image in means of pixel (width * height) , There are many applications to find out pixel size of an image in the websites. “Ruul this site”  is the very easiest application to be installed in chrome browser



The new revolution begins in smart phone  camera with 41 mega pixel in nokia lumia 1020 , know more in NOKIA SITE

Post by NOKIA Lumia Series.


Nokia lumia 1020  – made released on  June 11  in NEWYORK city

WINDOWS PHONE APP STUDIO – Beta version YouTube video tutorials

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four steps in creating an for windows 8 easier app

There is  a stress free for developers, students, to create an application for windows 8 with windows phone app studio (Beta version) . Microsoft released this platform last week to develop application for windows 8 very easily to satisfy our needs by

Create an eBOOK from Wikipedia page

There is an tool in WIKIPEDIA to convert the webpage into an e publication format (pdf format ) you can study them in your offline – you can save them in your Wikipedia account for future use and download them form it .


Run whatsapp application on your personal computer



This video shows up the brilliant method to install the WHATSAPP messenger into your personal computer – it works like an application runs in android the carrying of your smart phone  is not necessary for chatting in whatsapp your can do in

Get free download on top trend eBooks from GOOGLE PLAY STORE

There are many apps made published as free in Google play store for the betterment of ANDROID users to use it in their daily basis  , Number of  Android apps in the market till 24 aug 2013845062  Percentage of low quality apps in android market is  23


Facebook recently launches the embed code for every post in our timeline , we can copy our embed code from our timeline and paste them where ever we need in our blog/website .

Its a great thing we can even copy  post of an any hero/heroins  timeline an paste

Get kidneys from your mobile application – Need kidney ???

Katharine Wolf: Social Challenge Advisor

 We order pizza , burger through online  now its a chance to hold a kidney from the transplantation center it is made possible by ORGAN JET  Application creator , its sounds loud to get the KIDNEY’S from the near by area ( transplantation center )

ORGAN JET application producer  

A trip to transcend plant – pen drive production

most romantic pendrives in the world

There are many electronic gadgets which is helpful for us like laptops,  pen drives, Mobile phones,bread toaster,microwave oven ,etc..  With out these gadgets life is consider to be a though game to lead it .  In these gadgets pen drives plays  an essential role in carrying the data

HUNGRY NOW ?? – There is an app for your feast !!!!

pizza lovers - hury now app for windows 8

There are millions of apps everything  in app store , there is an app for food lovers too . Its a great feast for food lovers to eat lot by searching  burger and  pizza  spots near by your location using  GPS in your smart phone .

hunry now app for windows mobile


Elmore Leonard – said bye to the world yesterday (20/8/13)

elmore leonard - full bioraphy-

There is a time for everything the great Crime novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard said bye to the world on Yesterday(20/81012) at the  age of  87(1925 – 2013).

In his 60th  yrs of writing career,he submitted about 50 novels and 26 of his novels and movies of which

Plants vs Zombie wiII Reach 16 Million Downloads

Entertainment Arts Inc published news about the specially launched  PLANT VS ZOMBIE 2  , In the market for APPLE lovers and users {ipad, ipod, i phone} on last week thursday , the download is hitting about 16 million and still rolling on from past one week of time ,

Lumia Amber for WINDOWS 8 mobile users

nokia lumia amber updates

The NOKIA made released the new update for windows 8 mobile phones named “LUMIA AMBER” . With new FM player in the device , improved image clarity, Xbox entertainments and internet explorer .

The update is made tested for these devices Lumia 820 , lumia 920,  lumia 810 ,

Think Insights – Google – Think Customer Barometer

customer barometer - techmaza .org

The Giant search engine Google made involved with developing the different tools  for clients, website admins,marketing and purchase survey . There is a  interactive tool – called  Consumer Barometer, it  helps to  evaluate  the role in online and  consumers purchase decisions with in countries and cities .


Journey to online purchase – customer

customer purchase online

This tool made very helpful for  e-business companies – website deals with buying and selling of goods. When the customer is  making an online purchase decision to buy  a product , he/she  may engage with your  brand or likes your brand through many different medias made included  like  channels,