Google Calender in your website

Scheduling your task is made easy with GOOGLE CALENDER. The physical dairy can be thrown away, Google calender will replace it much better than your physical dairy.

Lets your family members know your schedule and activities and event

Track your Favourite Company Share easily – Yahoo helps

How to track your favorite company shares in your website very easily,  some of public will feel difficult to know about “FORTUNE COMPANY ” share details. Yahoo helps to this situation , you can track your favorite company shares (Quotes, charts, news) in your blog /website .

Upgrade your android firmware through kies setup for Samsung smartphones

Everyone has an interest to upgrade their firmwares for adding more features to their handsets.

Have you upgrade your android phone firmware through PC suite or manually ( For only Samsung smart phones )

There are certain steps you need to be follow to

Website search in INDIAN language

There are many tools for developing websites in other language (other than English) , websites can be created  in many languages other than English (Tamil,Telugu, Kannada,Hindi,malayalam,etc.. ).

How to search a word in a same language within the website (website language ex: Japanese ,

Bring Google books to your website-preview mode

We search for good rated books in GOOGLE with millions of collections  – to read them in online  or via ebook mode by paying for it.

The reading of  books in Google book store with many functionalities like single page mode , double page

How QR code helps in GOOGLE MAPS!!

Many drivein locations , Restaurants , ATM centres made accessed by Google maps to find them very easily. Even planning for picnic spot to a new location which you  never met before is made easy by GOOGLE MAPS navigation.

How does QR code helps

You don’t have PHOTOSHOP !! Google plus(+) will help you …!!!

Google plus is the product of  GOOGLE in social media category . We can share our views , links, videos,images through Google plus.

There is an hidden tool in  Google plus you can edit your uploaded  images with Google

Top 10 most popular SUPERHEROES in YOUTUBE

There are many most visited videos in YouTube , If you are a cartoon lover here is a result about most  viewed YouTube video  on cartoon superheroes .  At an average  4,68,400 hours the superheroes video is  played on YouTube with 9.5 billion views on them .This shows that

Mini tour to dell manufacturing plant ??

How our DELL computer is made ?? this video takes a tour to DELL manufacturing plant – how it is made (LAPTOPS) . We create many amazing facts in laptop , here is an video about  how it is made through , view in full screen mode  for better

How strong your password is ?

we cant answer for this question only hacker can answer this , and hacking tools can answer this . But the question  is related to us made answered by hackers.   We cant confidently say that our password is strong or weak .

How to BREAK School Proxy ??

If  you have trouble in accessing webpages when it is blocked – Here are some option to break proxy servers implemented in your WiFi router in a simple way – bookmark this page to access proxy every time easier  .



Nowadays  registering domain name and building website is becoming very easy task. The statistics of global domain registry says – mostly registered website under .com is 102,687,635 then followed by 14,157,864  for .net domains. Here the statistics report of

How to add Weather Channel in your website


Here is a way that technology can do everything , We can embed YouTube Videos, Facebook Timeline posts into our website , how can we add  our local weather to our website ..??  while considering it is a tough factor

GoDaddy on Mobile ???

There are many bonus offers made made by domian giant godaddy for registering domain . There is an OFFFER in DOMAIN HOSTING & REGISTERING  through mobiles. Godaddy has launched Android and IOS mobile application to register domain through our mobile phone. It becomes easy to get searched for domain

How to Make Money through Godaddy?

How to Make Money through Godaddy?, You have landed to the page of adsense alternative and if you are running a tech blog this article will surely help you in earning through Godaddy.

Godaddy is a worldwide leading website and hosting provider , Godaddy

Play Nonstop videos form youtube

We all will visit YOUTUBE channel for seeing videos and we  pleasure on it , but it stops after every video in played . How to play an non stop  video in YouTube   ??  This question can be answered by “muzicgenie” .

Spending more time on social networking site!


We come online to check mail, but we get diverted and stick  into social media’s in checking  updates,likes and comments .  If you are in this case this application “ Time Wrap”  chrome plugin ,will help you to do things right without wasting