How to have unlimited abroad calls | YALO

This post is mainly for travel lovers , many used to spend a lot in making calls while in abroad. Here is a small trick to reduce the calling charge while abroad. This is very useful while travelling to abroad and making calls to your loved once. Take for


inbox-google logo HD

Here are some video to use Google inbox. The special way of mailing platform to remember all your important task which is buried in your mail. The task to do will remain you with a snooze. The videos below explains the hands on experience

Facebook “Introducing Say Thanks”

Million and millions of people using Facebook for a reason tagging friends, saying wishes, greetings, sharing enjoyable moments and the list on increasing. This is the awesome thing “Say Thanks” which is been introduced by Facebook two days back to say thanks for a occasion they made you special.


The word “selfie” (taking photo of ourselves  via front camera of our phone) is most popular nowadays. Where ever we go with friends we no  need  third person to take photo of us, It can be taken by our own tats selfie (below the image shows what the selfie