Google Tez App – Money Made Simple | New Payment App By Google

Googe Tez App, it makes your money simple share. Easy way to send money to your family and friends, share your cashless money for a dinner, Pay your bill to any restaurant, Pay for a taxi, send money to your kids account. Send the money either big or small


Get WhatsApp For Desktop

Smartness  has  been  overloaded  with  the  induction  of  smartphones  into  pockets  of  today’s   youngster. This  smartness  has  been  further  enhanced  with  the  inclusion  of  virtual  messengers  through  which  journey  of  thoughts  and  ideas  between  two  destinations  has  been  cut short. The  astonishing  fact  is  that 

Linkedin | Get Email Alerts When New Employees Join a Company

LinkedIn has been the best and the most preferred platform for jobseekers. For a professional in search of a job, this business and employment-oriented social networking service has been the primary tool in updating their resumes, waiting for email alerts for new job postings, view a person’s profile or