How to Earn from Instagram’s the new IGTV ?

What is IGTV: Instagram’s latest video platform, Get IGTV for Desktop, Earn from IGTV Instagram has very recently launched a new video streaming App called IGTV on 20th of June this year, the long video streaming platform – many discussions on the internet regarding it will be a

How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android?

How to play Youtube video in the background, Sometimes, chrome is a better version while using YouTube compared to YouTube app. Don’t you think so? YouTube is the replica of Television in this era of the internet. So, obviously, we would like to use it to provide background noise.

How to Open .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files on iphone

Few files cannot be accessed or opened on iphone/iOS, here comes the trick to access these common files on your iphone. Here my own experiences speak to access .MK, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files to iOS. There are tons of videos flooded on Youtube about this trick but