Electronic gadgets play a wonderful song in every once technology life, There will be an many discussions going on  forum sites(online) and offline with your friends about technology gadgets “what to buy for your festive season ?”. We buy special gadgets in our festive season to make us trendy in technology side . Here is a guide about top electronic gadgets to buy for this Diwali. Apart form hunting for the best deals online and in retail stores, these are some of the gadgets that you shouldn’t be missing out on make your purse slim. Happy shopping !

1.APPLE iMac

apple i mac device


Apple iMac device makes a special thing in desktop, though the usage of PC may be dead but there’s still some life left in the venerable Apple AIO. The feel makes wow fact by using highly designed hardware in Apple device with thinned display (Apple knows the secret about how to make screen thinner with good internal hardware capability).

2. Play Station 4

play station 4


If you are a game lover there is a gaming console  for you in this Diwali , its opened for pre-booking and live on next month. If you are not owner of  XBOX gaming console become an owner of PS4 from this Diwali. There are plenty of reasons to make you update for play station 4. This  gaming console to makes you excitement than before any other games you had played. Hope all the game lovers will hit for it and try of new excitement with Play Station 4.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite


The kindle product of amazon upgraded the product to kindle paperwhite, to feel more comfortable in reading text in mind blowing manner. The kindle upgraded with new front lit elink display , the competitor for kindle will be going down because of paper white. This creates an experience in reading  e content in a more feel good manner. BUY THIS PRODUCT 

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear


samsung galaxy gear


Better world with better technology in your hands on by Samsung. The galaxy Gear is the best smart watch till date, it not only comes with smart features – custom application , quick slide down camera , better voice recognition to interact you with better. Samsung smart watch helps to be in technology even in better way with social media notifications and custom memo sheet you don’t want to miss the schedule with your team.

5. DELL Alienware 17


dell alienware


If you are hardcore fan of  laptop gamer these is a device for you by dell with metal screen lid , angular accents with good looking chunky body device – DELL ALIENWARE 17. Connect LAN with your friends play game and enjoy your party time with more special thing  with alienware 17. Feel the experience with 4th generation processor and NVIDIA’s gaming chops . The device worth for buying for a laptop gamer.

6. iphone 5

iphone 5 specification

The most awaited awaited technology product on this year. The iphone 5 launched with more expectation and glory last month wiht two product  iphone 5s and iphone 5c. If you want more fun and colorful technology choose a pic of 5 from iphone 5c. If you want more professional in design and graphics choose a pic of 3 from iphone 5s. The smart phone is with 64 bit architecture and A7 chipset. The double worth for buy with colorful technology in your hand.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note III

samsung Galaxy  III

The whooping device mid between tablet and smartphone with 5.7 inch super AMOLED screen HD display brings more freshness in screen. Galaxy Note III is with competitive camera skills with 13 MP camera  with dazzling features. The mobile runs continuously with more energy of 3 GB RAM and make more experience with styles attached with it write up in your mid tablet in a great speed with your own handwriting – will experience better.

8.NVIDIA shield

nvidia shield

If you are great hater of  laptop gaming , here is a device (NVIDIA SHIELD) for you , for better gaming with android OS , supports all android games, touch screen display and 1.9 GHz speeds. The device is one fastest moving game device in this year it also supports streaming devices from your PC.  There is no doubt in battery life it runs longer without dyeing while you play games.  own them new the best alternative for laptop games hater with better performance as like as PC games.

9. Bang & Olufsen Beosound 8





If you are great fan of music and instruments here this is for you (Bang & Olufsen Beosound 8) ipod dock to here songs in a more unbeatable clarity.  The design is gorgeous with dumbbell shaped speakers looks like two eyes for the device , to hear song in a more fine manner. Of all the ipad docks have tested , hits is by the best one we’ve seen. know us more through comments.

10. TP LINK M5350


TP LINK  portable device for internet


TP LINK M5350 is a portable 3G WiFi router. The stylished cobble stone design makes good in feel to use the gadget. The 3G sim can be enabled in it , make this as hot spot for internet. The wifi signal is made released from the device to connect the world in form of internet in a single click . This device is more helpful for all travel lovers with source of internet connect in a click , this device not costs much it ranges around 4000 – 6000 (INR).

11.Google NEXUS 7 (2013 edition)

nexus 5 rumor mobile here is a pictures source google

The one of the best ANDROID tablet ever released , the slim and sleek design with better performance. Th owning nexus is a bundle of features in it. This is the right time  to own nexus for you to bring technology in your hand. The nexus is automatically personalized with features enabled in them. The nexus costs around 16-20K (INR),Nexus 7 released in the month of  july next will be updated soon.

12.Google Chromecast


google chrome cast  techmaza


This is one tiny device you must get your hands on.Its is a pen drive sized USB dongle less than 3 inches that plugs into any HDTV. It play audio/video media files from the web or a local network . This adapter has mobile (android) apps and IOS and even chrome plugins lets you to interact globally when it is pluged in.


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