How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically

Today’s topic for us will be to learn to Delete Older email from Gmail automatically. You need this so much and I know that.  The super loaded inbox will turn you mad. We can delete them one by one. But it is very time consuming. I know the difficulties

How To ‘Unsend’ – A Sent Email From Gmail Account -Gmail new update

How it will be – unsend an mail after the hitting send button?, it is made possible by gmail, to undo send an email even after after hitting send button in your gmail. First it is been released for an google labs and now it is been conformed for


We May feel to send message (email)  later to your friends but we frequently forgot it to send at right time or we may miss the timing for example sending an birthday wish , Anniversary wishes to our friends at midnight but we may miss our schedule of sending


We have seen many Technics and Tips and techmaza about Gmail and its features here is a small tip to discuss how to  edit Microsoft Word very easily in gmail platform. Few days back Gmail blog published an update ” Can edit Word Document file in Gmail Platform “.

How to Use Your Gmail ID to Share Content in iOS

Despite updates in iOS 7, you still can’t use third-party apps in Share Sheets, if suppose we uses browser as safari ,you want to share with someone  through mail. We can pressing arrows keys or button it allow to access mail to default mail application.

How to Use

17 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

You’re awesome, you have reached the page where you can earn money online without any investment. It post will be good read for Students, Freshers, Home makers and those who are looking for Freelance.  Let get into the way’s of earning online without any investment required.

Here, I could

Top iOS & Android – 20 Apps for 2019

The significance of mobile applications in our everyday life and activities became irresistible. This is because of the fact that the transformation created by the mobiles. Mobiles are no more just communication devices. Mobile and applications are just indispensable Individuals, business and for many other purposes.

 As needs and

Methods to Deliver Marketing Emails to the Primary inbox?

Know how to hit marketing emails to the Primary inbox. Communications through email caused a revolution. It became so famous that, now there are no business enterprises in the world without email communications and correspondence. Moreover, no business can survive without email communications. The major activity that is handled …

How to Mine Bitcoin on Your Laptop

Today you will know about Bitcoin and How to Mine bitcoin on your Laptop – This became the buzzword of the century.  It is preparing itself to rule the world. This is also called an electronic currency. Under electronic currency, it comes under the form of Cryptocurrency. It

 How to Get Weather Alert from a Phone Call Using IFTTT

How to Get Weather Alert from a Phone Call Using IFTTT

IFTTT is a web service the world that works for you. It creates chains by using conditional statements. These conditional statements can be developed using programs. These help us with doing certain actions. Thus, IFTTT (If this then


Get WhatsApp For Desktop

Smartness  has  been  overloaded  with  the  induction  of  smartphones  into  pockets  of  today’s   youngster. This  smartness  has  been  further  enhanced  with  the  inclusion  of  virtual  messengers  through  which  journey  of  thoughts  and  ideas  between  two  destinations  has  been  cut short. The  astonishing  fact  is  that 

Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents & Notes

Here is the solution to use WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents & Notes!

There  can  be  no  youth  in  this  modern  world  who  doesn’t  use  or  for   the  worst  case  who  doesn’t   have  an  idea  of  what WhatsApp is. The  world  has  shrunken  further  with  the 


Google Search are happening about 40,000 search queries per second math it for a day! You like to be in one among it? Get Instant search results in your Mail (Gmail and Business mail) any time any where you are.

Example: If you are interested in Apple products and

How to test your Google ads without worrying about invalid clicks?

How to test your ads without worrying about invalid clicks?, as very simple and solution provided by Google Adsense team via newsletter as got   Couple of days back.

Make a safe play with Google Adsense account and clicks by installing Google publisher toolbar for your chrome its works by