A New App to unlock your Mac Through Iphone by “KNOCK APP”

A New App to unlock your Mac Through Iphone by knocking called “KNOCK APP”

knock out for ios

Basically to enter in to system we have to type the password for the authentication. So it may be hacked or seen by other persons. While working in some important documents the employee in the company may have chance to know the password, So it is not secured. To overcome from this problem a new App has been launched on Tuesday called KNOCK.

We are always expecting that a new technology should make our life little bit easier and it should be a innovative solution for our problem. The majority  of  us usually carry phones ,So the new App Knock is aiming to protect our Mac system by unlocking Mac from Iphone with two thumbs(knocking) on it.

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The App Knock is used to unlock our MAC (Desktop or laptop) through our Iphone by knocking the mobile. The App uses the advantage of newer low Energy Bluetooth Technology. By using this technique the App unlock the MAC by knocking he Iphone itself.

The idea and execution behind the app is extremely simple. You can  download and install the OS X (Mac) application directly from the Knock website. Purchase (cost: $3.99) and install the accompanying iOS app from the iOS App Store. Knock on the iPhone screen twice to unlock your Mac without enter a password.


 To start working with this You need to download the Knock App for both different devices. For MAC you can able to download the free Knock App. But for the Iphone you need to download it for cost($3.99). And the App is limited to only Iphone 4s and up as well as it supports only in the newer Mac computers like 2011 MacBook Air or newer, 2012 MacBook Pro or new, 2012 iMac or newer, 2011 Mac mini or newer, and the 2013 Mac Pro from this year only.

            compodable for all devices - mac operating device.

The two apps can communicate with one another by using the power of Bluetooth (4.0) LE(Low Energy). The connection between the two devices is extremely secure and can be used all over the day  with minimal battery drain due to the efficient power performance of Bluetooth 4.0. The requirement of Bluetooth LE is that the software should support with newer hardware.

 The knocking effect can also be achieved by waving an iPhone in the air, Knock can be done by just tapping on it through your pants’ pocket, so you never have to pick up the device.

 A New App to unlock your Mac Through Iphone by knocking called “KNOCK APP”

After downloading both parts of the product, You should turn on Bluetooth on both the computer and the iPhone. And you had to type your computer’s password. The whole process took about a minute.

Once set up is completed ,you can able to see an icon on the top right of your Mac’s menu bar. The app will also turn on whenever you close your Mac laptop or your computer goes to sleep.

When you try to unlock your computer, you’ll receive a notification on your iPhone  informing that  your device is ready to be knocked on, so Gently tap on the  iPhone with your knuckles twice and then Mac will unlock. And you can also use any objects or any part of our body for tapping — the idea is giving your device two quick vibrations to unlock your computer. This makes our work simple and secure.

          And the company is expecting that the App should be extend to unlock the websites.

Download form store >> KNOCK OUT

download button to download - Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password.

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