The phone costs more than a car ?????- VERTU Ti FERRARI – LIMITED EDITION

The phone cost more than a  normal luxury car !!!

ferrari-f12-berlinetta-11 car

The new made released by VERTU mobiles – made collaboration with Ferrari form past 6 yrs in making of mobiles . It has recently launched a mobile called VERTI Ti FERRARI with the concept of Ferrari F12berlinetta car, owning luxury cars is a prestige issue in a family like wise owning a luxury mobile like vertu is an prestie issue of owning it.  Many cars are denoted to charity in California, if you are more generous in helping people your can donate cars to kids .

The Very unique Iconic design  Made out with pure leather  and very strongest light weighted  stainless steel material which is ten times harder than any other stainless steel material wrapped the phone . This martial  gives protection for your phone, with very stylished coating in it.   VIRTU Ti works with ANDROID 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)

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It has great features like

1. VIRTU for Ferrari :

Its an privileged application from the world of news  and  social media news collected in one place . This application made  available in English, Chinese and Italian Languages, it also covers with insider news of Ferrari.


The clock is with very exclusive 8 wallpaper designs and displays with local and home time with the location , it is  with the concept of F12berlinetta model .

ferrari-clock in  vritu ti mobile


The four exclusive  Ferrari engines tones as made as a ringtone in the VIRTU Ti mobiles .

  • partenza normale esterno
  • passaggio   veloce esterno
  • curvone esterno
  • circuitino esterno

ferrari -ringtone  in  vritu ti mobile


See your F12BERLINETTA car from any angle with three elegant colors . pinch out it to zoom get closer to your car – visualization application   for F12BERLINETTA.

Only 2013 units (mentioning the year) of Vertu Ti exclusive mobile will be made. Vertu Ti  now on sale for  16,000 Dollars(US) or 12,000 euros or 11,00,000 lack of Indian rupees  it is sold only in select countries.If you are  hardcore fan of  Ferrari count your dollars or money to own them for you . many pre owned cars are donated to many kinds in California it helps their needs of them . many are awaiting for the cars to donate them . If you are generous with more helping  tendency donate your car for the kinds in California. learn HOW TO DONATE A CAR IN CALIFORNIA which help many kinds to leed their life  in california in a better way.



NOTE: The mobile is an Handmade product

Intro video about  VERTU Ti FERRARI   limited edition

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