Using of an iPhone is widely spread today all over the world, even though we have number of collection of other brands of phones most preferred one is iphone. It creates a wow fact while using it, as if all the technology is in our hand and we are the ruler of it. Apple sold 74.47 million iPhone till the quarter 1 of 2015 result is by statistic, this will be good news phone for all iphone users to prevent your phone from dropping while using it. In most case drop is been is done while using goback or options in iphone6 and iphone 6+ because it is been kept in left top corner. For this problem haloback came with an solution to prevent you form this issue. So what does it do? check for the video down.

This solution is very useful for single hand users no need of use of associative touch of double tapping the center button to push screen down or to close an app instead of go back feature. It works like go back feature in Android mobile with single tap of invisible key in screen protection. Halo back is all in one screen protector this concept works like disaster for all screen protector right now in the market. Halo back is with circuit layer in screen protector when the left bottom of the screen is been tapped it reflects the go back or option feature because it reflection is spotted to that specific area in the screen.

halo back - go back feature in iphone

Halo Back has already been successfully funded on crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter. Originally available for $12, you can still pledge towards the project and get it for $17 when it ships around August. With 17 days left for funding, Halo Back has attracted more than 3,395 backers contributing $96,946 of the original $20,000 goal. As of now, the company only has Halo Back for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now the value of Halo back is 14$  pre-order it here and get it now.