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Normally all are using password to secure our system files from third person. Suppose if you forgot your password and want to access your computer, you can do it now. Here are three methods available to access your computer when you have forgotten your password.

#Method 1: Use Another Administrator to Access your Locked Computer:

  • First of all in your windows login screen, you should go to some other available administrator. All are having different OS. If you are using Windows 7, press “Ctrl+ Del+ Alt” then click Switch User to go to next user. If your OS is windows 8, on your Login screen, click the arrow on the left side of the user image. It will show the list of available users. So you can select one administrator account whose password you remember.

  • Then Enter password and press the enter button to access your system.


#Method 2: Access your computer with Password Reset:

There are three options available to reset your password.

  1. Use another Administrator to reset the forgotten password:

  • Use first method to sign into another administrator.

  • Go to the control panel to reset the user’s password.

  • Select one account from the list whose password you like to change or remove. Then you can click either “Remove the password or change the password”.

  1. Use Reset disk to reset forgotten password

  • If you forgot your password, you can click “Rest password “Link, which is appear next to the password box. Then follow the password reset technique.

  • After click next, introduce the created password reset disk. Then select the “password reset key disk” and press next.

  • Use this instruction to choose new password for this user and finish it.

  1. Reset your forgotten password with the help of Command prompt

  • If you sign into another administrator go to the command Prompt then type “Net User <user name> <new password>” then you can reset your password.

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#Method 3: Access your computer without password:

  • Use Windows password recovery tool. Download the trial version.

  • On the another computer install and run this tool

  • Introduce bootable USB or CD/DVD to build a reset disk. After inserting USB , select media type USB and select “password reset disk burning” then click the “Begin burning” if the burning completed successfully then exit the USB reset disk and plug the disk into your locked system.

  • When you start your computer press the boot key to enter into the BOOT option. Then select Boot option and add this “USB drive or Removable devices” to the boot list. By pressing F10 you can save the changes in boot.

  • If your computer boots successfully with the help of USB. Recovery tool also able to run. Then you want to reset any user password you can do it by clicking “Reset Password “

  • Before going to reboot eject your USB. Then reboot your system and access it without password.

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