How to add YouTube 2014 rewind in your website.

This is Holiday season to enjoy these days and come to work with more freshness to begin new wonderful year.  The great YouTube will be launching the video with  all the activities done in world wide in a short snap as mentioned as  “Rewind” it will be released at the year end. As like last year 2014 is also  YouTube launched a video to recall all the memories of worldwide events and activities.  The videos is launched on Dec 9th 2014 and Youtube reactors for the video 2014 is launched on Dec 25 2014.

Here are the Steps/ Methods to add YouTube 2014 rewind videos in your website.

In techmaza YouTube tips is already  been mentioned all the methods to add YouTube video into the website. As the same rewind of adding YouTube videos into the site will be said below as by methods.

Method 1 : Adding URL

Go to the link which you prefer to add in the site for adding . “YouTube Rewind 2014” search for this phrase or Click Here if the website is integrated with WordPress CMS(Content Management System) of latest version 4.0 this work very easy just copy paste the to stage(the space where you write the content) as like image mentioned below.

paste the youtube link wordpress CMS

If you are not using WordPress latest version 4.0 download it from here and it you not using WordPress in your website follow next method to add them into your website.

Method 2 : Adding Embed code

This method is very easy method so anyone can try this methods and this can be added anywhere in online on any platform. This method is very easy method for adding YouTube videos on any platform website inside the body function tag.

For this method place the desired video or Click Here for YouTube Rewind 2014. Below the video you can find the option share, embed , email. Choose Embed in it, you will be getting a code just copy paste where ever you wan them in your site or In case if you want any specific size go for show more option mention the dimension you want the video to be placed and choose the option(mentioned below) which you needed for the video. For more info check here

add youtube video in any website platform

Method 3: Play @ current time:

This is tricky playback option. The video can be played at the current time where you wan to be placed the video to start for the whole video for ex: If you want only to play only the climax of the particular film it can be played with the video and only particular portion will be played as per the selection. For more information you can check here.  For doing this it just simple but you can trick your friends by placing only the particular portion of video.

While the video is playing move to the portion where you want to place the video at particular time. Right click on video and choose “copy video URL at current time” the link will be generated and  copy paste the link to play the video at current time. The image below image shows how to get current time link.

all video form YouTube to plat at current time

all video form YouTube to plat at current time

These two image represent the song PINK SO WHAT the so the video is placed at the particular time (current time) where it want to be played. For more information check for this link.

Thus in this post had mention different methods of placing YouTube video in the website with or without CMS. These methods can be tried which is comfortable for placing the video in any type of website. Below the video of YouTube rewind 2014 and Reactors of YouTube video 2014.

YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014


YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2014:

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