Adjust the Volume of your Android Phone without using the Buttons

Here you are going to get knowledge about how to adjust the volume in your android mobiles without using any physical buttons fixed in it. All android mobiles having physical buttons either on right or left side of the mobile to adjust the playback volume. By using those keys, controlling the media volume. While it is not that much companion for android users. For ios, we can easily adjust the volumes on on-screen itself but in android not like that.

In order to increase or decrease the volumes in android mobile, there are plenty of applications in Google Play store. Even though there are lots of apps the problems may occur based in that, it can be rectified by using widgets for android phones.

virtual volume controller for android from techmaza

Virtual Volume has placed first in the list of free application which is from Italy. Icon which is in form of floating point while you tap this icon, it automatically fetches with the android volume slider inorder to access you quickly adjust the volume. Even you can also control the size and icon transparency. By this, you can place an icon wherever you want on the screen.

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By using this application, you can easily show up certain apps like YouTube, Facebook which are in active stage. It will never show you ads when you are using widget, particularly it shows while you are on that app.

Volume Notification is another part in this list. It takes a part to volume increase and decrease buttons in the notification place of your android phone. If you are watching a video in youtube, the notification bar is pull-down and can easily adjust the volume, even mute the audio while it is playing.

virtual volume controller for android devices

From the app itself, you can easily configure the notification widget to load on boot. In this device, the notification slider will be more convenient comparing to others, but being a developer you may face certain technical limitations in android which make you impossible to place that sliding volume bar in notification window. Have a look on both the widgets it will be much helpful to you for increasing/decreasing the volumes in your handphone without using physical button. 

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