Android Games for kids above 12+

There are many games for all ages, here are the collections of games to 12+ age holders. The most of the games were played between 12-20 (ages). Here is the collection of  basic games and download links  for 12+ kids.

Subway Surfs

 This is one of the game that most of the Android user have in their mobiles. There are hooligan characters in the game . The role of the player is to make that hooligans to run as far as possible through an endless game. The player has to avoid the obstacles by doing some jump or duck or dodge the oncoming trains. The Subway Surfs game takes place in a 3-D perspective , makes it more attractive for the users.

Temple Run

This is an interesting game, where you want to escape from the Evil demon monkeys after stolen a idol from the temple. You have to run all the way through the ancient temple walls and along the cliffs. Just collect gold coins on the way  and buy power ups to run as far as you can!! Special powers for each characters are given to make the game more interesting.




Mind Games

Mind Game is for the people who likes to solve puzzles and riddles. This game is the collection of the best puzzles with some difficulties at each level. It is a new game for relaxation and at the same time to give the work to your mind. This helps to practice your brain with logic and mathematics problems. The special functionalities of  this game is that it uses good graphics with high quality sounds. Mind game on online. 


This is an interesting board game that involves two players, probably with your friend. You can play this app , with a friend who sits next to you or play against your phone. This game allow the players to play with harder and challenging modes. CHECKERS ONLINE . Here is a guideline how to win checkers game (tips) on youtube uploaded by checkercycle.



# RPS Combat

This RPS Combat is a chess-like board game played with the rules of Rock Paper Scissors. The goal of this game is to find the flag of the opponent. It is based on the rules that pock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissor beats paper. This game is very simple and doesn’t need much rules to follow and it provides good interface. So it is attracted by most of the people. Here is an Reddit guidelines on RPS combat game – how to play. Youtube video guidelines by Сергей Иванов.

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