Apple Presents iWork on iCloud Available On Any Device

Getting bored with Microsoft Office or Google Drive? Then have a look at what  Apple’s iWork can provide you. Recently Apple has made all iWork products available on the iCloud beta site, including Pages, Numbers and Keynote these apps were already available free of charge to any Apple customer who owns a new iPhone, iPad or Mac. In other words, you don’t have to become an iOS or OS X customer to try out these apps free of charge.


Formerly to use Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, you had to own at least one Apple device, but now everyone is able to get an Apple ID and access the apps.



In the past, simply having an Apple ID is not enough to access iCloud.Instead you have to set up iCloud on Apple hardware first. Thus, when you try to access the non-beta iCloud site with the Apple ID which you use for iTunes only, the site shows the following;


But now even the new users will be able to create accounts to gain free access to the iWork suite, even if they do not own an Apple device. New users will be given 1GB of free iCloud storage when signing up from other operating systems.

The iWork mainly provides the following features;

  • Apple Pages
  • Apple Numbers
  • Apple Keywords

Check out the New Features that are updated in the Apple Pages,Number & Keynotes from this URL –



Watch the 2013 Keynote of iWork on iCloud with Windows 8

How to Get Started to Use this Service :

Step 1: To get started, simply visit from any browser and click on the link, “Create your free Apple ID and get started today,” located at the top of the screen.

Apple ID Creation

Step 2: Once registered, you can log in to to access online versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Step 3: An account gives users on other platforms 1GB of free storage to save iWork documents on iCloud.

Step 4: Like these rival offerings, Apple’s iWork apps allow users to save documents in the cloud and access them on another device, either directly on iPhones or iPads with the iWork apps, or through a web browser on non-Apple devices.Take a look at the browser based spreadsheets;


Step 5: To know more about Apple ID visit the following URL;

Apple ID Usage

  • At this point, the feature is only available on iCloud Beta. However, Apple will likely to extend more features in the future.


The only drawback in this service is the fact that, while iWork is accessible to other non-Apple device owners, the web app would be limited with extra features and editing options when compared to its desktop equivalent.

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