Apple Stores launches iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Screen Repairs shortly

Apple Stores launches iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Screen Repairs shortly:


     iphone 5s and iphone 5c pictures with best comparison with screnn replacement

    There is a great remedy  for the iphone5s and iphone 5c users to overcome the  minor repairs, screen replacements, cracked screens, bad batteries. In addition to this we can also replace the damaged  volume buttons, vibrating motor, rear-camera, and speaker system on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c which is going to be launched by Apple in its Apple store soon.

 Apple will soon begin equipping its stores for replacing the touch-screens on the 5S and 5C which focuses on calibrating the displays by introducing “special machinery“.

The special machinery to calibrate these iphones are arriving in Apple stores which is going to be officially announced soon which is confirmed by 9to5Mac and AllthingsD reports.

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The expected cost of the screen replacement for each device is $149 (Rs 9,330 approx), which is a most significantly affordable cost compared to several-hundred dollars required to completely replace a device with a damaged/cracked screen .The broken batteries cost $79 (Rs 4,940 approx) and damaged Home buttons on iPhone 5Cs will run $29 (Rs 1,810 approx) which is considered to more but it is less than the cost of buying a new iPhone entirely.By this Apple would get the additional profit of over $1 billion. 


Besides the factor of saving  time and money of the customers, this technique saves Apple the money need for producing replacement and handling the entire replacement process in its i Phones 5c ,5s.

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You can replace only the conventional Home button on the iPhone 5c not in iPhone 5s. Users of  i phones have to pay for specific damages on the devices which has no warranty.  It is expensive enough to advise against smashing your iPhone screen for fun and to put through backup and restore process.

The time to recover this device from the damages is not currently known but it is expected about one hour (sometimes around 30 minutes).  The amount time may be considered  to be short  compared to the amount of time required for syncing, backing up, and replacing content on a brand-new replacement iPhone.iphone - colorful iphones in your hand

Apple customers who’ve already damaged their new iPhone 5Cs or 5Ss will soon be able to repairs directly in local Apple store. In addition to this, The customers of iPhone  Apple care will have free repairs when their damages that made is proved to be defective.


According to the sources reports the location of apple stores which offers these replacement will be expected to be around US and it will be officially announced in June. There are large number of authorized agents for apple in India but it is not having an official apple stores and we are expecting an apple store in our nation.

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