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collage making apps for facebook

Normally we can take photos and frame it as it is. But nowadays it’s possible to alter the picture in many ways and change it according to our wish its called collage. We can collage many pic into one and set a different frame format. It is very pleasant gift to greet our friends for their birthdays, by presenting the photo frame in different styles . Facebook account is necessary in order to create collage Facebook pic. Creating collage of Facebook pic is similar to collage photos in our gallery, only thing needed is account in Facebook. There is some limitations for adding photos in collage.

collage-money collage making apps for facebook


Pic Collage

An application which attracts 45 million users was Pic Collage. It allows us to create collage of pictures, by combining photos, stickers, etc.., We can edit the photos as like we want. The photos in the Facebook are collected to make it in a collage format. Many new updates are available in this version. New icons, fresh colours and themes are present. Username and profile pic are chosen by our own, search important photos separately. We can download this interesting app for free of cost. visit the site to make your own collage with your facebook friends 

Mod Podge abe licoln collage

Kodak photo collage print app

By using this app we can create a collage of photos and print them. It consists of a collection of our favourite moments. Assemble the photos which you want from your gallery and also from your friend’s album. Arrange the photos as by your wish. Choose the attractive template. Finally share it with your friends via Facebook, twitter, etc..,


KD Collage

This application contains many collage patterns up to 70 and many background options up to 80. In this app we can edit, rotate, zoom in, zoom out the added photo in collage. Text can also be added above the photo, different font styles are also available. We can save the created collage in to SD memory card for future use. This app is also available for free of cost.

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