World’s Smallest Movie

IBM has developed world’s smallest movie to demonstrate its nanotechnology research. This movie is titled as A Boy and His Atom. The movie is created by moving thousands of atoms for creating a miniature stop-motion movie.



This movie was made with the help of scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and it contain 242 frames. By using this technique, the electronic, magnetic, mechanical and optical field of these nanoscale structures can be studied. This movie has given the recognition of the world’s smallest movie by the Guinness world records.

The movie is featuring a stick figure and an atom. They both dance together n play together and it think too n finally it convert into letters IBM.

It is possible to magnifies the surface of the atom by 100 million times by using STM. Researchers say that it will give answer to many scientific questions regarding nanoscale behavior and property. It could a stepping stone for future technology.

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