How to Recover Deleted files from an IOS Devices?

IPhone – Handling an iPhone is pretty cool and eye-catching. But if you lost your files or data due to accidental deletion, or iOS upgrade, device crash or damage, you will feel desperate and frustrated.

lost iphone 6 data

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Apple Presents iWork on iCloud Available On Any Device

Getting bored with Microsoft Office or Google Drive? Then have a look at what  Apple’s iWork can provide you. Recently Apple has made all iWork products available on the iCloud beta site, including Pages, Numbers and Keynote these apps were already available free

How To Embed Instagram Images on your Website ?

Instagram is a simple way to capture, customize, and share photos and short videos using your smartphone or other mobile device. Now instagram lets users to embed photos and videos right onto a webpage without needing to use a third-party service.


How to reduce computer Eye strain ?

Eyestrain – If you spend hours a day in front of a computer screen (like me), and have experienced anything along the lines of: eyes burning, neck aching, vision blurring, or head throbbing, you might have a common problem known as Eyestrain.

Eye Strain

In medical

How to Change the Folder Color in Windows XP/8?

Is the Windows Explorer is too boring?. Bring a little color to your desktop with Folder Colorizer, a simple app that allows you to assign any color to your folders. Windows 8, just like previous version of Windows, doesn’t allow users to change the

How to protect yourself from internet while browsing using Disconnect?

In Internet you Know how many websites know about you ?. Do you wanna know who are all snooping up your information?. If you are really excited to know about this. Here is the Solution for you “Disconnect plugin”. Disconnect is an opensource