How to Mine Electroneum on Windows

In the mission of making the world independent, we will now learn how to Mine Electroneum on Windows. Electroneum has come as a new coin. It makes the digital currency to work more transparently. To reach all people around the world easily, it aims at developing countries and telecommunications companies.

It is the first cryptocurrency to join the GSMA as a member. GSMA is a mobile operator. So Electromeum wants to reach mobile phone users and make them access its coin.

You might have heard of Bitcoin. It is based on algorithms. This coin, Electroneum is based on Cryptonight. Crytonight is an algorithm optimized for CPUs. You can also mine Electroneum through GPUs. You can also Mine Electroneum on Windows in Android devices. To mine Electrneum on Windows you do not have to be a technological geek. It consumes very little data. These are the features that make this currency stand out of others.

Steps to Mine Electroneum on Windows

#STEP 1: You have to create Electroneum Wallet. You can create a paper wallet or an online wallet. This has a few layers of security. Paper wallet is complicated to manage. The online wallet has two- factor authorization. It requires a Captcha and a Pin each time you login to Mine Electroneum on Windows.

Though you make your wallet in Windows, you can sync it in your android as well. The app for iOS is in pipeline.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

#STEP 2: You can sign up with Facebook or with your email account.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

#STEP 3: So, go to and sign in through Facebook. You can create a new account if do not have a Facebook ID. You have to verify your email and create a Pin for you to login next time.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

#STEP 4: Now you can see the Manage Wallet Tab. You can see the transactions in the screen and the Send and Receive button.

#STEP 5: You can see a unique address. It is a series of long characters. You have to copy it. This is where you can see your payments in future. You can see the transactions made through wallets, exchanges or mobile applications. If you wish you can make this to be visible publically. It is a “deposit only” address. There are various methods to Mine Electroneum on Windows. Let us see that in detail.

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Method One to Mine Electroneum on Windows

#STEP 1: You have to download Electroneum Pool miner.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

#STEP 2: You have to install the software and agree with the terms.

#STEP 3: Now you have to add the ETN wallet address and the URL of a Pool to mine too. Go back to your Electroneum wallet and copy the address, pasting it in the first box.

#STEP 4: Choose one from the list of pools. You have certain guidelines to be followed. Your pool should have a 1% or lower fee. Your pool should have some kind of support presence. I really appreciate when they have Discord or Telegram channels. Your pool should be located in the same region as you.

#STEP 5: You have a number of threads to Mine Electroneum on Windows. You can see the Hashrate and Miner output box work!

Now let us see the other existing method to Mine Electroneum on Windows.

Bonus: If you are using Direct mining Software from  Download Electronium go to windows section and download the Zip file and install electroneumd.exe which is inside the package. If you have the wallet address use the same wallet address in the command start_mining <wallet_address> <number_of_threads> once you see node has synced and if you wish to use the offline wallet download Electroneum offline wallet to start mining.

Electronium wallet Address

Method Two to Mine Electroneum on Windows

#STEP 1: You have to download XMR-Stak-win64. Once complete, just right click the folder and choose “Extract All.”

#STEP 2: You would answer a lot of questions. You have to fill username, pool address, and password.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

#STEP 3: You can now see a software logging you into the pool.

#STEP 4: You can monitor your progress. Go to the MY STATS tab you follow your hashrate.

Mine Electroneum On Windows

The above would be the two ways to mine this new coin to make the world independent. This can really change the consumer industries and make people have needs met. It is time to speak that technology makes work easy but makes people survive.


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