How do you fell about having website for your wedding ? some people create good trend in creating websites for wedding and displaying their album photos and event schedule to their connected friends so that all the pics rolled out in the marriage function can be seen by a connected friends. Here are some benefits of having websites for wedding.



#1: Save on printing cost and time:

The are many web developers or tools to develop your website in a more creative manner with good graphics than to your printing cards. The websites gives good appeal in look than compared to cards, the cost reduction can be maid minimized instead of printing 1000’s of cards, Only 10% or even lesser amount  is needed to develop wedding  websites. The time to distribute all those 1000 cards can be minimized by just having a single site. You can share your website in a just simple manner just by sharing it on social media and connecting all your friends Google account in a Google calender (event or hangout).


#2: Easy knowing of gifts:

Creating the registration form for your relatives and friends to fill them. Include gift section in the form, so that you can make a sense that what type of gifts you are getting and what yet to be purchased for the life. You can directly link your registration form page while sharing so that it make a sense to be registered by you friends quite often and never missing of it.

#3: Change of plans no problem:

You no need to mention each and every one your friend over 100’s of calls to mention that the venue or time has been changed  due some reasons. Just change  in your website and share the location in social media or in whats app to share the location with  a map. Change in connected google calender so it will reflects to all (which the people is been connected with it).

#4: Eco friendly method:

Move eco friendly method by not wasting papers , envelops  and printed material for printing cards. Move online to do paper less work and fast spreading on events in social media than by physical invite. Use your site for everything or just plan for eRSVPS (related to online invitation) for a portion of your wedding related events it may you better for events.

wedding couples

#5: Stay and connect with your guests:

Many wedding websites has the section called guest book or RSVPS system to make your relatives to feed their mail address as newsletter form for notifications and updates.   Instead of making a 100’s of calls giving simple update in your temple or a single mail cause engage with your relatives and friends to connected with you.

#6: make your marriage as live video stream in your website:

Install a  temporary surveillance camera in the marriage hall connect it with your website to your Friends, so it becomes to easy to see you marriage as live in your website with login. Events in marriage function can be watched live by friends if they are not present physically to your marriage (video conferencing).

#7: Create an event in social media:

By creating events in social medias may engage with your friends and it cause remainder to their account it is came closer. YOu can event in Facebook and hangout in Google plus to keep  remained about your event.

# 8 Create your WEDDING site easily:

With the help of you can create you own wedding site and wonder colors with simple steps.

Here are list of websites to create marriage wedding sites and templates

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