We are becoming selfie freaks nowadays as i said earlier in last post “how to pose a selfie as good” . Here are some Apps and filters to to be used while taking selfie in your mobile. Below apps are android apps, it can be downloaded in Google play store by searching the name as mentioned below or hit click here for download link on each App description.

# Selfie Camera App :

Normally if we switch on camera the back camera is a default one  will be opened  then we need to switch camera to face front and clicking button to take selfie. But when you open this App it make the camera to open as front as default and sharing in social media is made very much easy in a same window. The image will be saved in gallery with special  file , download the App (Selfie camera App) from Play store.

# Youcam Perfect – Selfie cam :

This App makes that makes you more perfect click. This App has real time skin beautifying effects,  mufti face detecting and enhancing effects the camera screens this more fitters can choose which clicking the selfie’s.  There are three ways which makes the eye to shine and many filters and tools as like this to enhance the feature while capturing the picture. Click here to download Youcam Perfect – Selfie cam App for your android.


# Candy Camera – Selfie Selfies

This is sweet camera selfie application which enhances the feature in filtering your facial and it makes you pretty in this App. This App is more colorful than anyother application for selfie. This App is been downloaded by 10 million in 5 months of period.  This app is with more filters and enhancing functions for the selfie. Download this Application Candy Camera Selfie Selfies from Google play store.

real beauty camera fror selfie freaks


#  Selfie Studio: Flash Camera

The selfie studio is a app make which makes the coloring effect to your front camera. The light effects filters for front facing camera with moderate light the selfie will look good. It has list of clip arts to add them in selfie which to make your selfie even better. Download this App  Selfie Studio: Flash Camera from Google play store.

# B612 – Selfie with the heart

The B612 selfie App is with many  functions and filters are enclosed with it. It has 57 filters : Which side of yourself did you show the charming little prince? There are 57 varied filters for you to use and it has collage functions, silents shutter, burst mode and sharing options to social media site. Download this app B612 – Selfie with the heart from Google play store.

Thus use these Applications to enhance your Selfie and be pretty with your friends while you take selfie. Use these Filters to in your application to enhance the selfie and be pretty.


bettrer selfie with better efects

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