We have seen different categories of posts in techmaza but This post is very very different kind, which give entertainment during your pressure work. Ne need to search for game in online to refresh you mind, everything is proved by Google maps.  Yeah, Google releases “Pac-Man” game on “Google Maps”. April 1st day of every year, mostly all the companies try develop a game for us to play (or) Makes us to trust false news. In 2015, that is, this year “GOOGLE” delivered a game which is pac-man, the most amazing game since 1980’s.

First “Pac-man” game is in the form box-like structure, but now Google developed this Pac-Man. Now we can use Google Maps to play “Pac-Man”, it takes real streets and areas as a important role of it. This game is designed in awesome manner. All people like to play in their desktop. Pac-Man is quite interesting and challenging while playing in “Google Maps”. While playing this game there is no issues winning the game with ease.

Pac-Man is the simple game in which the players has “five-lives”.To avoid the ghosts and reach the goal by using roads using the direction buttons in the keyboard. Transports are done through roads and streets and thereby collect fruit-flavored powers and kill the ghosts.

stop everything plan pac man on google map

Make sure that area is compatible here are some best places to play pac man in google map, these places are very famous in worldwide. you can play pac man in those streets of Google map. The playing of game is been divided into two types mobile player and desktop player.

Best Pac man cities to play On Mobile mode:

  • Sagrad Familia -Barcelona
  • Times square-New York City
  • Arc de Triomphe-Paris
  • Taj Mahal-Uttar Pradesh

Sagrad  Familia –Barcelona:

Here grid-like streets are there, this makes the game incomparable to other. Google Maps contains three-dimensional images of buildings and organic towers and so on. The players are admiring to play this type of this.

Times square-New York City:

Every Year 30+ million peoples visit “The Crossroads of the World”. Really it is very hard to capture the spirit of New York on a Two-Dimension Map. The former Longac Square which is the most important location in the world.

Arc de Triomphe-Paris:

It is used in google Maps to play around within this. Circular Bounds and concentric rounds makes the player to feel better while to others.

Taj Mahal-Uttar Pradesh:

After playing in Taj Mahal grid like gardens, you feel wonder if the 17th century mughal architects. Pac-Man in Taj Mahal is also like original tajmahal design.In which has four sides of river separating the gardens, the white marble is visible just infront of charbagh garden. Similarly the pac man game will be very interesting while in desktop mode on great cities.

Best pac man cities to play On Desktop mode:

  • Forbidden city-Beijing
  • Venice
  • Grand Bazaar-Istanbul
  • Spaghetti Junction-Birmingham

Forbidden city-Beijing:

Here there are lot of places to play using Google Maps. Chinese imperal which is served for emperors from the Ming dynasty. Likewise, Jingshan park is challenge on the Pac-Man using Google Maps.


In this actually you cannot play on the canals. Instead of we can play through the Winding streets of the city of water. We can easily visit the Adriatic gem which is the most beautiful garden without avoiding the tourists.


For a veteran arcade gaming persons, which is the most important challenge game to e-mission. By completing this mission, the gamer will get a new mission of 3000 shops and 62 streets.

Spaghetti Junction-Birmingham:

“A cross between a plate of spaghetti and a Staffordshire knot”, this gaming area quite tough for some gaming persons because of driving in hill areas. It cannot be captured by a multibillion dollar tech giant like GOOGLE. The cities with crisscrossing, numerous parallel streets and also like other blocks are the best cities to play Pac-Man.

I hope the above post will be useful for pac man game lovers where it can be played good on Google-Maps. If the user feel lazy, then click “I am feeling lazy”, then it is automatically transported to another place. The cities with crisscrossing, numerous parallel streets and also like other blocks are the best cities to play Pac-Man.

Thanks for CNET for sharing this video on youtube.

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