power on tHe go - 4Charge-Portable-Chargers

If you have difficulties in charging your device while on travel?? Your mobile is showing critical battery on travel ? here is a cheapest power bank to use them while on travel it charge your mobile phone and USB electronic gadgets and keep updated with technology.

The 4Charge mobile power banks are the best in class power banks. Powered by Li-Poly batteries, these are sleek, slim and extremely stylish in design and easy to use. The power bank has 12000mAh Power and 4 USB, 3.5A Output Portable Charger High Capacity External Battery Pack for iPhones, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Tabs, Android Smartphone, 5V Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers headset, Google Glass, Gopro etc..

power ont the go - 4charger power bank

This fashionable power bank has the potential to save lives, The extra high-output Polymer Lithium-ion battery allows for immediate charging, and is designed to be light-weight for carrying around. It can be used with all mobile devices, including smart-phones, iPad/iPod, tablet PCs, digital cameras, game consoles, e-books, MP3/MP4 players and other digital devices. It has intelligent control buttons, and can double up as torch lights when you desperately need one. Comparatively solar power charger needs sunlight to charge your mobile but power banks its storage of power in a small sleek device easy to handle and also use them in midnight, to charge your gadgets.



Capacity will determine the time of power bank can be utilized to charge our gadgets. Certainly POWER BANK with real capacity, real output and suited our needs.


Very light, small in size, fits pocket and has two output ports to charge two phone simultaneously. Also the revolutionary Polymer Li battery technology ensures, the power lasts for more number of recharges. Flip kart it and  find similar product on Amazon

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