Make your BLOG post as book publisher mode.

Feel the difference in posting your content to blogs , there are many duplicate contents in our web it can be made reduced by publishing the blogs in book publication mode ..


The online book publication mode made easier by , it is the world of publication website  dealings you are the author , you can publish your post by uploading them to our account and it can be published as books or an article in their website . the best part in issuu is you can sign in using our facebook account the profile made updated easily from facebook login .

There will be an upload option to upload your documents to and publish it as book mode  . It will be made published in their website as well as it can be bought to our website by the means of embed code for the particular post made published on them . the editing options made fixed on a article and published on them by Title, Description, reader can download your documents to their local needs in the Book format . Its upto the client to choose up the option , the preview displayed on right side form .

techmaza on issue mode book post

The article is published on their site while you click on the publish now button , grab the code paste them in your blog your book post in ready   .. and share them in social networking site to read your published article ..

publish now option on issue from techmaza

social networkin site from techmaza .org - issuu


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