How to bypass school and college proxy using cocoon addon

There is a way to bypass school proxies using cocoon



Cocoon is an add-on plugin which is used to bypass any blocked websites. Before using cocoon you need to be registered in cocoon official site. If u register it can be used  as unlimited version. It is an free usage so there is no premium account needed. save your by using coccon instead of taking rent of other proxies .

Currently cocoon plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome (only mac), Cocoon Chrome for windows is coming soon. So windows chrome user you need to wait for this add-on to be launched for chrome. But instead you can use it in Firefox in windows operating sytem. Not only in windows. It can be installed with any Firefox browser from Ubuntu and fedora..


cocoon plugin to Firefox add-on for simple proxy to bypass the site

How to use COCOON?

#Step 1: You need to be registered with cocoon official site >> cocoon site .

#Step 2: For windows user, you need Mozilla Firefox browser to install this plugin. If  you don’t have Firefox visit this link to download  Firefox.

#Step 3:  After downloading Firefox install cocoon add-on plugin in Firefox. To get install cocoon add-on click this link. If this link fails to download in school or college computer. Try this alternate link to install

#Step 4: After installing cocoon add-on on Firefox,  one blue Toolbar will be seen under address bar like this

New toolbar in all it's glory! - cocoon toolbar in placed in your webbrowser

#Step 5: Press the power button on left corner on cocoon Toolbar to enter username and password and click Go button to get it access. See the image below

cocoon toolbar in placed in your webbrowser - cocoon login button

#Step 6: After that it will enter into your cocoon account homepage like this

cocoon toolbar in placed in your webbrowser - cocoon login button  in - browser opens with cocoon  account to break proxy in it

#Step 7: Now your browser will break any blocked website and bypass it.

If you have any problems regarding installing cocoon. know us through comments !!! .

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