We have seen many Technics and Tips and techmaza about Gmail and its features here is a small tip to discuss how to  edit Microsoft Word very easily in gmail platform. Few days back Gmail blog published an update ” Can edit Word Document file in Gmail Platform “. Can we edit our windows office file in gmail platform itself.  Here is a update released by gmail to edit all your windows office document file in your gmail platform itself. Here the image below shows that the icon to edit whole document in the same platform.

document editing in gmail platform

If you click this icon it directly takes you to google docs editor to edit your file and share with your friends and so it can be saved in your drive after the edition. All the functions can be used as it used in google Docs, share with your friends with the mail ID to edit/share the document file.  If the password is been locked it will ask for password to continue the editing process. To know better look for Deccan cronical site (edit doc in gmail platform).

The easy thing is, no need to save for each and every edition in saves auto for editing process. If you never loose the content, if you went offline suddenly the each and every update will be saved  in the file as you type and interesting thing is, it can be edited in Google inbox application too. The google docs is responsible for all your devices you can even edit files from your mobile device and save automatically as per you per change and there is no youtube video regarding this topic we will upload soon as possible in YouTube to share Microsoft Document editing Gmail Platform.

document editing in gmail platform

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