can you rule your website ??

There are situation to find the size of an image in means of pixel (width * height) , There are many applications to find out pixel size of an image in the websites. “Ruul this site”  is the very easiest application to be installed in chrome browser to find out the size of an image in pixels.

Ruler to your site  - ruul

The pixel scale will be used to measure the pixel size of any derivative in an website dragging them  hover the image or an menu to find the size of it in pixels. – chrome extensions


It can be lanced in both vertical and horizontal plane to find the size of any derivatives,you can even find the text line height in pixels .

It is comparatively better application in chrome to be handled by every web designer and developers . It is sized in different angles and different styles to measure it .  It is displayed by three iconic transparent colors ( white, blue , pink and green) , two opaque scales to measure it  themes included in them (wood and steel) plated and one large scale with 1100 pixels to measure an large image . Normally plated scale reading ends with 560 pixels .

ruul to your site - chrome aplication count your pizels in web

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