Capture the surrounding panorama images with panono 360 degree camera

Capture the surrounding panorama images with panono 360 degree camera

 Nowadays the electronics gadgets are ruling over the world. These gadgets attracts the people of young age more.Earlier gopro camera was used in smart phones to capture the image. But nowadays panono camera which captures all things around in a single click was widely used.

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          Panono  is a throwable ball camera,it made using a tough clear plastic that helps you to take the Google streetView like pictures. Panano camera which can also capture the 360 degree panoramic photo. It  has been funded by  Indiegogo for development and manufacturing on a larger scale.

 Panono camera is the spherical camera, which is 11 centimetres in diameter and weighs 300 grams, has 36 tiny cameras fixed to it.The resolution of all the cameras is about 72 megapixels. The size of panono is 4cm which is larger than the cricket ball. Due to 36 fixed focus cameras inside the panono , can produce a 72-MegaPixel image. It is the perfect solution to capture the real panoramic images. While you are going to take a photo you can throw your camera up in air , catch it in the proper manner  and for the final image you can check your smart phones.

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 You can have a doubt the images come blurry while throwing a ball? Its not like that. The panono have been developed in the way of inbuilt sensor, which calculate when the ball is moving and reach the highest point. If the ball reaches the stable point within a fraction of second all the cameras can capture the images.It is available as the combined app for ios and android .we can preview even the low resolution images.

camera mode 360 deree method

The image taken by the panono camera can be scroll down, scroll up, zoom in and zoom out. The image taken from it can display like google steertview with high resolutions.

The image taken from this camera are found on the indiegogo page. If the funding was provided then it will available by next year September 2014.the price will be around $499 (£315).

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