How to Open mkv File on iOS Device

Today’s topic is How to Open mkv file on iOS  device. Multimedia Container is a word often forgot. MKV files are often mistaken to be audio files or video files. They are multimedia containers. They can contain audios, videos as well as subtitles. The

How to Free- up Your Mobile Space Using Google Photos

I’ll tell you how to Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos. Google is the leading Internet search engine. It has more than 8 billion web pages. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Stanford dropouts, created the Google search technology from

How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically

Today’s topic for us will be to learn to Delete Older email from Gmail automatically. You need this so much and I know that.  The super loaded inbox will turn you mad. We can delete them one by one. But it is very time

How is useful

What is Is it useful? In this digital era, we spend a lot of time with the Internet. It has become a very essential part of our life. We depend on Internet for all work. Sometimes, it may be official and sometimes

How to Mine Bitcoin on Your Laptop

Today you will know about Bitcoin and How to Mine bitcoin on your Laptop – This became the buzzword of the century.  It is preparing itself to rule the world. This is also called an electronic currency. Under electronic currency, it comes under the

How to Earn Tron in Windows Desktop/ Laptop

How to earn Tron in windows. Countries and people around the world wish to be independent. They do not want to depend on anybody for anything. This makes humans strive for a freedom in everything they come across.


How to Earn From Instagram

Digital era helps us to earn online. There are a lot of ways of making money online. Let us check out on how to earn from Instagram. Technically, Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. It would allow you to share photos

How to Mine Cardano on Your Windows Desktop / Laptop

This minute is for the discussion on how to Mine Cardano. In the line of Bitcoin, Ethereneum, Electroneum and Tron, Ada also steps into the world of digital currency and paves a way to Mine Cardano. Cardano is also known as the Ethereum Killer.

How to Mine Electroneum on Windows

In the mission of making the world independent, we will now learn how to Mine Electroneum on Windows. Electroneum has come as a new coin. It makes the digital currency to work more transparently. To reach all people around the world easily, it aims

How to do Google Reverse Image Search?

How to do Google Reverse Image Search? Google has transformed our lives completely. It has made our day –  to – day life easy. Information has become great with Google. It is a giant with 8 billion web pages. It is such a marvel

How to Add Facebook Business Chat Button to Website

This article will tell you how to add How to Add Facebook Business Chat Button to Website. Running a business and having a website for it, is the trend of the day. This will help you to reach your customers in their comfortable

Instagram Video Call Tricks

Instagram Video Call Tricks

Instagram Video call: It is a social media app that lets users edit and share photos and 15-second videos. Instagram is super popular, especially among teens. It has a ton of cool filters that makes posting images fun. Instagram love

Download IGTV for Windows and Mac Desktop PC

How to Download IGTV for Windows and Mac Desktop PCInstagram, whose rival is YouTube has just now launched its own IGTV platform. The IGTV platform is more similar to Instagram. The only contrasting factor is that this platform is mainly used

How to Open .MKV, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files on iphone

Few files cannot be accessed or opened on iphone/iOS, here comes the trick to access these common files on your iphone. Here my own experiences speak to access .MK, .APE, .AVI, .RMVB and .SWF files to iOS. There are tons of videos flooded on

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel?

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel? Recently, there are tons of updates from Youtube side including video customization and editing, monetization, Sharing option, and Sponsor button.

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel?

Today, while watching a Video, I have seen

Google Home and Google Home Mini

Google Home and Google Home Mini (Speakers)

Recently, the technology giant Google has launched Google Home Speakers in India.

Google Home: How does it work? Is it a regular speaker or a special product?

Obviously, It is a smart


Apple HomePod is an amazing speaker which is what our new generation is about-advanced. This powerful speaker can adapt to its environment. The ultimate music authority, it provides stellar quality. To spice up, Apple has joined Siri to discover

Internet is Flooding Up Because Indians are Sending Billions of Good Morning! Texts

Image result for good morning messages tech

Waking up each morning, right from that atrocious stalker in your college to your affectionate Uncle, your Whatsapp inbox is flooded with messages and cliché quotes stating only 2 words in different forms-“Good morning”. ‘Ayyo! These many messages?


How to Embed the Facebook Customer Chat Widget in your Website

Nowadays, Facebook is not only about re-connecting with your schoolmates. Facebook is not only about walking down the memory lane. It is a commercial tool for many entrepreneurs. While analyzing his/her market, it would never come as a surprise to find a huge number



HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! Here is the best collection of New Year wallpaper for the year 2018. These wallpaper collection for both Android and iOS variants. It’s time to update and spread your wishes to