How to Recover Deleted files from an IOS Devices?

IPhone – Handling an iPhone is pretty cool and eye-catching. But if you lost your files or data due to accidental deletion, or iOS upgrade, device crash or damage, you will feel desperate and frustrated.

lost iphone 6 data

If you don’t want to pay for the expensive

How To Embed Instagram Images on your Website ?

Instagram is a simple way to capture, customize, and share photos and short videos using your smartphone or other mobile device. Now instagram lets users to embed photos and videos right onto a webpage without needing to use a third-party service.


If there’s something you want to post from

How to reduce computer Eye strain ?

Eyestrain – If you spend hours a day in front of a computer screen (like me), and have experienced anything along the lines of: eyes burning, neck aching, vision blurring, or head throbbing, you might have a common problem known as Eyestrain.

Eye Strain

In medical terms it’s called Computer Vision

How to Change the Folder Color in Windows XP/8?

Is the Windows Explorer is too boring?. Bring a little color to your desktop with Folder Colorizer, a simple app that allows you to assign any color to your folders. Windows 8, just like previous version of Windows, doesn’t allow users to change the default folder color. While it


We are using many technology gadgets in our daily life and Googling (Google +ing) is became one of our day to day activity to search/do/find/set/solutions. Here are some Google commands for Android mobiles, Chrome Browser and IPAD and IPHONE Applications. Google command is like searching something instead of typing

How to view lost Webpages on Internet?

Did you want to see for older page how does it looks before a year or a month for a particular website. It can very easily seen even though the website has changed the content or theme after a year. You can even see the old content, did you


Advertisements are great way for websites to earn money for their operation costs. In case of  YouTube when the adds popout, its not an issues but if we want to see an desired video we must wait for 30 – 40 seconds. This will be very frustration when there


We May feel to send message (email)  later to your friends but we frequently forgot it to send at right time or we may miss the timing for example sending an birthday wish , Anniversary wishes to our friends at midnight but we may miss our schedule of sending

How to have unlimited abroad calls | YALO

This post is mainly for travel lovers , many used to spend a lot in making calls while in abroad. Here is a small trick to reduce the calling charge while abroad. This is very useful while travelling to abroad and making calls to your loved once. Take for


inbox-google logo HD

Here are some video to use Google inbox. The special way of mailing platform to remember all your important task which is buried in your mail. The task to do will remain you with a snooze. The videos below explains the hands on experience for Google Inbox for better

Facebook “Introducing Say Thanks”

Million and millions of people using Facebook for a reason tagging friends, saying wishes, greetings, sharing enjoyable moments and the list on increasing. This is the awesome thing “Say Thanks” which is been introduced by Facebook two days back to say thanks for a occasion they made you special.