Spending more time on social networking site!


We come online to check mail, but we get diverted and stick  into social media’s in checking  updates,likes and comments .  If you are in this case this application “ Time Wrap”  chrome plugin ,will help you to do things right without wasting

SHOPPING through QR code


Lets imagine shopping through QR Code ..!!!!!!!

The IDEA is Really interesting virtual shopping store where ever you go . Buy  things in virtual store with QR code – scan the code of the  product in virtual store while you waiting for train or

Run whatsapp application on your personal computer



This video shows up the brilliant method to install the WHATSAPP messenger into your personal computer – it works like an application runs in android the carrying of your smart phone  is

Elmore Leonard – said bye to the world yesterday (20/8/13)

elmore leonard - full bioraphy-

There is a time for everything the great Crime novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard said bye to the world on Yesterday(20/81012) at the  age of  87(1925 – 2013).

In his 60th  yrs of writing career,he submitted about 50


BRANIDNG IMPRESSIONS – Download the video – Brand impression on internet  for a specific topic or brand.

Do we know what most branded companies do on internet , there is tool called BRAND IMPRESSION  to know about each brand activities on internet . It

WordPress 3.6 released

The latest version releases in word press 3.6 with fixing many bugs from wordpress3.5 many handheld changes had made in the WordPress 3.6 , There is a new launch of improvement in blogging concept in the theme twenty thirteen , Single column layout made

You are a website owner ?? know about your website

There are many tools to know about your website  ie.. whois details , there is a chance to see your back links  , number of pages indexed  , sitemap everything made found by many browser apps .

The number

Translate Your Handwritten Character

We probably use our QWERTY keyboard to  write up digitally but the great giant  never forget  our handwritten concept  the new addon tool is developing in google translator  to write up in hand written format ..

google translate your handwriting character 2
google translate your


Really there is a good news for SAN FRANCISCO people . The great giant GOOGLE  contributing 6000000$ for installing free wifi in San Francisco parks , nearly 31 parks are made targeted to install hardware’s were contributed by google . These wifi’s are completely

The First Message.

We all use internet in our daily life , it was just created 50 years back by the group of people involved in creating such a great network  to connect us globally .

The initial idea about internet  is by Leonard Kleinrock’s , he

MyCharge Amp 6000 Power Bank

We cannot able to take power supply everywhere. So use  battery for Power saving Even we can connect family, friends through Pc,tablets,mobile.Without charge,we cannot able to charge devices. MyCharge battery packs make it easy to charge your favorite devices on-the-go. Use myCharge to charge

Know the new variety of Smartphone “Ascend P6 “

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei on Tuesday launched what it said was the world’s thinnest smartphone, which it hopes will take on high-end rivalsApple and Samsung in the global market. “Our theme for this product is elegance with an edge, The chief executive of Huawei’s

Amazon India launches Kindle Fire HD

The World largest and popular database are Amazon.They introduce  new technology and launched  product of tablets and e-reading in the country. The company has brought the Kindle Fire HD tablets and Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader in the market, with prices varying between Rs

SeaMonkey Browser

There are different browser for pc,tablets and mobiles.They are provide unique features . Browser are SeaMonkey,Midori, Maxthon,Torch ,Slimboat.

SeaMonkey is a free and open source and cross platform . It is the continuation of the former Mozilla application suite,

Never worry for Recording Mistakes! Audacity is Here

Audacity ..!!

Auda city  software are mainly used for audio editor. It is open source,cross platform  Its is fully free and easy to use it.It can support Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.

You can use

A simpler way to pay-PAYPAL

Purchasing time is well saved..?

 we can pay anywhere and buy anything  through online by using Paypal method.you have independently purchase any product on online and flexible to pay the amount and all information should be more secure..

You can link your bank account