YouTube Commands | Master Yourself With Video Search

Do you want to become a master in Youtube Commands?, We  all  are  acquainted  with  the  fact  that  GOOGLE  is  the  largest  search  engine  used  all  over  the  world. But,  do  you  know  YouTube- a  subsidiary   of  GOOGLE  corp  is  the  second  most  used 

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel With vidIQ ?

The youtube publishers not getting much views for  your videos , here you have got a tool to increase your video Marketing potential and lots of visitors for your videos. With this tool you can have a stable track to post your videos and get much viewers and get

How to add YouTube 2014 rewind in your website.

This is Holiday season to enjoy these days and come to work with more freshness to begin new wonderful year.  The great YouTube will be launching the video with  all the activities done in world wide in a short snap as mentioned as  “Rewind” it will be released at


easy option to embed youtube videos in wordpress very easily | wordpress4.0

The embedding option in WORDPRESS4.0 bring an creative posting in wordpress, no plugin and extra application never to be installed in WordPress if so WordPress is updated in your blog. The following top websites contents is been embedded easily in WordPress,  lets see how?

Embedding YouTube Video in WordPress4.0:


There are many tricks in YouTube video to perform like sharing , embedding, liking, watch later, HD everything etc… Here is a small trick about the video sharing while the video is been embedded from we can make play the video form the middle the only particular scenes with

TED TALK: Where’s google going next??

On stage charlie Rose interviewing the Larry page (CEO of Google Inc.), About the great path of Google in future, by the concept of “where’s Google going next?”. Larry page discussed about companies future plan in deep mind manner, All the things is being discussed by Larry page


YouTube Downloader With No Software and Plugin

To download a video from YouTube we need some kind of downloader and also in some browsers we are in need of additional plug-in like flash player to see the video. We people always like to download the video rather than seeing

Top 10 most popular SUPERHEROES in YOUTUBE

There are many most visited videos in YouTube , If you are a cartoon lover here is a result about most  viewed YouTube video  on cartoon superheroes .  At an average  4,68,400 hours the superheroes video is  played on YouTube with 9.5 billion views on them .This shows that

Play Nonstop videos form youtube

We all will visit YOUTUBE channel for seeing videos and we  pleasure on it , but it stops after every video in played . How to play an non stop  video in YouTube   ??  This question can be answered by “muzicgenie” .

Play videos form YouTube  in