How to Change the Folder Color in Windows XP/8?

Is the Windows Explorer is too boring?. Bring a little color to your desktop with Folder Colorizer, a simple app that allows you to assign any color to your folders. Windows 8, just like previous version of Windows, doesn’t allow users to change the default folder color. While it does let you change the folder icon by right-clicking on the folder, selecting Properties and then switching to the Customize tab, you can’t change the default folder color to a custom color.


Folder Colorizer is a small Windows application created to assign a different color to any folder on your system. There are many users who loves to customize Windows according to their needs. For them it will give an exciting experience.


Folder Colorizer already comes with eight predefined colors, but it also allows you to define your very own and even save it by writing down an unique name. It’s all just a matter of clicks and while this could be very well considered just a task more appropriate for rookies, it could come in handy to every computer user out there.

Steps to Download and install the Folder Colorizer:

  • First step download a software called Folder Colorized. Google it to download the installer file or here is the link for your convenience to download Colorizer to your computer.
  • This utility is compatible with almost all Windows version from XP to Windows 8.
  • Install the software in the desired folder as it requires only 1.5 MB disk space.

Setup Wizard


  • Now after downloading install it. When installation complete click on Finish to restart your computer.
  • After installing the program, right-click on a folder to see Colorize! entry in the context menu. Click on the entry to select a color from available colors or choose your own color. An option is also available to restore to the original color.


  Here is he video about installing colorizer for windows 7 .

Pros and cons of Folder Colorizer :

  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Color table available to customize colors
  • Lets you remove pre-installed colors you don’t like or need
  • Folders set to “read only ” cannot be altered, color-wise
  • Child folders are not automatically colored (must be done individually)
  • What’s more, it only asks for administrator privileges in order to change the color of system-protected folders.
  • Last but not least, you don’t even need to let the app running in order to keep the new folder colors, so computer performance isn’t affected at all.

If you are bored with the same old yellow folders in Explorer, then try colorizing them. The makeover may make it faster to find the folders you seek, too. Start changing colors and Enjoy the Cool interface of your Folders. Like our page in Facebook

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