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What is Is it useful? In this digital era, we spend a lot of time with the Internet. It has become a very essential part of our life. We depend on Internet for all work. Sometimes, it may be official and sometimes it may be personal. We do our presentations, mail them, transfer salary to employees and even more. We search for best restaurants, order food, look for homes to buy or sell and many more.

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Apart from this basic stuff, we also have right to give our opinion on various issues around us. Internet plays a major role it. We use internet to support an issue or a person for his or her strive. Thus, internet has become an indispensable part of our life. Internet is growing powerful day by day.

Information Technology is amazing. It makes life simple. One information can change people’s life. Words are powerful than we think. So anything that we do on internet, has to be effective and efficient. We have to know about the factor that can make our information effective. And this again is made simple with internet. You should know about   The counter will be updated instantly, displaying the amount of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and white space in your text, not to mention that the keyword density. - Character Count Online



We shall know its features and how good it can be to us. Before knowing the features let us know the importance of knowing and using the optimum  character count. instantly gives the count of the given text. To help all the budding readable writers, here it is the Ultimate Length for all the Social Medias though there is constant change.

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Knowing and keeping in line with the character count you can achieve the Search Engine Optimization. A long and lengthy content is not always liked by people. Brevity is the soul of wit. Thus, according to the audience each social media platforms research and analyse client’s desire and the Character Count Limit. It is also made known to the people in whole.

Now let us see the features of - Character Count Online

You see the space above; under the “type or paste your text“. It is for you to paste your content. Once you paste you would get a lot of information based on your content.

What More Special in - Character Count Online

It is here, you will get the information about the character count limit that is allowed in all the popular social media. You can use After you paste your content, and know which platform can make your content look more efficient. Or know the character limit for the social media you desire. - Character Count Online


Online Keyword Density Tool shows the count of all words that is used in the content. This will help you to keep a track on the focus keyword which is more important for search engine optimization. On the whole you can have a complete control on your content and make it effective. Let us now know the count allowed in all the social media.

Face book: (45- 90 characters)Instagram (60-120 characters)Twitter (280 characters)

LinkedIn (50 -100 characters)Pinterest (2 lakh characters) /  You tube: (70 -100 words) / 

Google Plus (No Limit virtually)/ Whatsapp (65,536 characters)  Skype (160 characters ) 

Tumblr (500k characters) / Snapchat (31 characters) / Telegram (4096 characters)  

Redditt (200 characters) /  Blogpost: (7 minutes or 1600 words) /  Viber: (7000 characters)

Sino Weibo (140 characters or 2000 characters).


Character Count Online


Thus, after you choose the social media, know the limit of the character count. Execute it with the help of and give extra strength to your content.

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