In techmaza we have seen many tricks about windows 8. Here is a trick about, how to know the WiFi password in Windows 8.1. Often we will  be forgetting the WiFi password and asking someone to connect it or we may use any sticker/ paper to write up password to keep some where else to remember. I hope after this trick you can know the WiFi password when you have been connected to WiFi with your windows 8.1.

get free wifi in parks by microsoft

Steps to find your WiFi password in Windows 8.1:

If you forget the password, never mind here is a way to know your password from windows 8.1 follow the steps below to know the password of you forgotten. For this the windows 8.1 must be connected to WiFi (if u chosen connect automatically it will be connected auto)


Step 1: Make sure that you are connected to internet with WiFi auto connected WiFi signals. Swipe to your right of the monitor or move the cursor to right side to open charms bar and choose settings. Tap or click the network icon, find your network and click Connect.

Step 2: After choosing the Settings choose for Control Panel option.

Step 3: Under Network and Internet, click View network status and tasks.

Step 4: Next to the word Connections, you should see a Wi-Fi icon and the name of your Wi-Fi network. Click your Wi-Fi network and a Wi-Fi Status window will pop up. Click Wireless Properties.

Step 5: A new window will pop up. Tap or click the Security tab and you will see your Network security key displayed as a series of black dots. Check the box next to Show characters and voila — there’s your Wi-Fi password! as like image showed below.

how to access the wifi password from windows 8.1 - if your forget the passowrd


I hope so that you liked the techy tips to find the WiFi password when you lost them. If you lost WiFi password don’t worry switch on your windows 8.1 and perform the steps mentioned above mentioned that’s it the password for WiFi will be known.

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