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Here is a guideline to make your TOOLBAR by your own to your websites. It will perfectly run on every browsers [ CHROME , MOZILLA FIREFOX AND INTERNET EXPLORER ]. The making of  this toolbar is done through ALEXA TOOLBAR CREATOR . Login to your alexa account or login in through this link to create you own toolbar for your site and spread it to audience to get more live visitors to your site.  Here the image show tools and empty bar to edit to create your toolbar to your website.


You can customize your own toolbar with list of options (tools) in your collection. You can perform adding WEBSITE RSS FEED, LINK BUTTON , SEARCH FIELD, LIST MENU BUTTON, AND SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS. Here the image show the collection and empty tool bar to start your process. Click here to start creating your toolbar,

alexa tool bar creation process step by step guide


# Name your unnamed toolbar , here I named as TECHMAZA TOOLBAR.

# Now, upload your logo or enter your website name the empty toolbar on “your logo here” portion. choose the condition you want 1.only logo, 2.only text , 3.text and logo. Here I choose only text continition , if you are choosing logo your logo must me in 21 pixel. enter your link on button action column Here I do as

# Choose the functions you want to be added in your toolbar by clicking  add button on each icons. Here I add 1. link button, 2. Menu Button, 3. RSS feed, 4. Search, 5.Facebook and Twitter.

# Link button: place your website link ex: , choose your appearanace (Icon only , Text and Icon, only text).

# Menu Button: This ia menu option you can place list of link in your menu option for ex you can place category list of  links or important links. Here I place my website category links in menu part and choose your appearance (Icon only , Text and Icon, only text).

# RSS feed button: Here I place my RSS FEED button to display my RSS feed in this toolbar just by adding the RSS link to the options,choose your appearance (Icon only , Text and Icon, only text).

# Search Button: place your website link to search something in your website and choose default search engine in list of search engine in the list ( Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu ).

Then comes social media sharing ICONS (Facebook and TwitterAdd respective URL to social medias to follow easily to the visitors.

# At the right corner of the box You will have alexa ranking button as default and settings button at the end most on right side. After configuring go to next step. On next step you can even add personal facebook , twitter, gmail account and amazon wishlist  notification buttons to the toolbar.

# Choose your icon  (default or upload) to display in your browser. Now the toolbar is ready to publish type your short description about your tool and website and publish it. Here the image with fully created  Own Handmade TOOLBAR for your browser.

alexa toolbar with options in it

# To spread your toolbar to your audience and add download button from your website. Create a banner with list of 7 colors to create your banner with 6 styles. as shown in below image.

Once you choose your style and color copy paste the code to your website where you want them. Here is an example of code to be pasted in your site  of TECHMAZA TOOLBAR.

toolbar with list of options and colors in it

<a href=""><img alt="Get our toolbar!" src=""></a>

Get our toolbar!

CLICK ABOVE IMAGE Download our toolbar and check your browser and  simple analytics for your toolbar download and active downlaod  is shown in your alexa dashboard. Here is the simple guidelines to create ALEXA TOOLBAR for your website youtube video by Ngọn Hải Đăng

Here I downloaded and installed the TECHMAZA TOOLBAR to my MOZILLA FIREFOX. Send me your feedback through comments.


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