snake game on basic phones 1100

Snake game is one of the simplest interesting game that you could already be experienced. All you need to do is to move the snake in the direction of the food without hitting any wall or the snake itself. Once the snake eats its food it will be grown in length and your score will be increased.

Playing the game is easy for all. But do you know how to make this Snake game? Especially without any codes? Just follow the steps below.

snake game on basic phones 1100

  • First of all start the Flash. Under the Create New option Choose Flash File (Actionscript 2.0). Set the stage size according to your wish but the frame rate to 30fps. 
  • We want to create a pit for the snake in order to roam around its limited position. To convert it to a movieclip, choose the type as movie clip and name it as snake pit with the registration point as top left, with a rectangle of size 400× 250.
  • Now we are going to enter the stage of creating the snake’s head. To do so, draw a square without any border and then copy it so that you can get the duplicate to use it later. Under Properties, give the instance name as bodypart0 and set the size as 25×25.
  • Now enter into the head movieclip and add the stop (); code so that you can draw a small snake’s face. If you wish to add another frame like a dead snake, you can add a second frame and draw a sad face on it. 
  • Now we step into the making other parts of the body. Use the duplicate square that we made already and convert it into movieclip with the registration point as top left and name as body part. 
  • While playing, to know the score of our play, we usually refer the score field. So now we want to make a score field right!! Create a dynamic text field on the right corner and set the variable as score. You can also make change of the remaining settings like font ,as your wish.
  • But you want to  embed the font because we are using the dynamic field. In Properties, click the embed button and choose Numerals [0..9]
  • To create the food, draw a circle without border and select it then to convert it to movieclip. Or else, you can design the food with the size 25×25. Under Properties, give the instance name as food.
  • You can also add some instructions with the static text. To create popup , draw a square and add the text like ” You are died” and this will be displayed if the player lost the game. Give the instance name as popup and type as movieclip. Also set the registration point to center .
  • Once the player the lost the game, we need to display the score. For that, set the variable as score. Also set the Play Again button with the instance name again button. This will be used if the player wish to play the game again.
  • Now you have finished the basis steps of creating the snake game. But you want to include some functions like onEnterFrame, dead() function to be executed after the snake died , eat() to make the snake to eat, insideSnake() to match the snake head’s coordinates.
  • At last you want to add the popup button and this will be used, if the player wish to play the game again. To compile the file created, use Ctrl+Enter and test your game!!! This will be interesting do it. content provider Abirami join with her to increase your circle in Google+.

Snake-classics-snake game on basic phones 1100 BONUS:

# play snake game in youtube, while video buffers you can play snake game when the video is buffering in circlewise use your left and right keys to play a game between the video frame.  



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