Dolphin zero privacy focused mobile browser

Dolphin zero privacy focused mobile browser


What is meant by dolphin browser? Does it provide privacy of data? The answer will be definitely -Yes!!

Dolphin is the mobile browser that makes mobile browsing so easy with high speed when comparing to other browsers. It was developed by Mobotap. The last released version is Beta. This browser supports for all your Android , iphone and ipads. It supports for  multi-touch gestures. It helps you to open your favorite websites with one stroke and also you can switch between web pages with multiple tabs. Some of the features are tabbed browsing, Gesture browsing, Webzines, Dolphin Sonaretc

Dolphin zero helps you to keep all your data secure, in your mobile phone. It do so, by deleting all your data including browsing history, password, cache and cookies. This is because of the ‘Do Not Track’ functionality that is enabled as default in the browser. It also helps you to clean up your form data, input data, user address book and also the location information.


Dolphin zero has Snapchat of browsers. DuckDuckGo is the default search engine, which is a privacy based engine. You can do your normal searches as you do so with the Google search engine. Also, you can access your Gmail or Google plus account and YouTube,etc. That is it is like your normal browser but with some security factors , but currently supported only for  only for Android, iphones and ipads.

iPad-Landing- dolphin browser in pad

The password that you have entered will remain in the cache if you simply close the browser or if you press the ‘Exit’ button physically, your password may be hacked . This may affect your security and privacy. To avoid this, all your previous records will be popped up and your previous session has been destroyed. So that no one can attack your account. Though it provide security, this will not helps you in situations where you want to retrieve the previously done works. But all we need is privacy.

Dolphin browser is now available in Google store. Then why you still waiting!! Download and enjoy your browsing with privacy. Click here to download :


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