How to Download IGTV for Windows or Mac Desktop PC?Instagram, whose rival is YouTube has just now launched its own IGTV platform. The IGTV platform is more similar to Instagram. The only contrasting factor is that this platform is mainly used for video sharing. The major difference lies in the fact that the platform is meant for sharing videos. Instagram aims to make our mobile phones as our primary computing device. The IGTV aims at recording and posting the videos in a vertical position. Unless and until you are choosing to hard-rotate your mobile phone for recording the video horizontally. The only possible way to upload videos on Instagram is to post a 1 min video. Using Instagram IGTV, the limitation on video has also been removed. Now post 1 hour long videos on your IGTV, since the video upload limitation has is no more.

Download IGTV For Your Windows and Mac Desktop PC

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IGTV is an app with acts in the standalone mode and which also comes as the integrated version along with the Instagram application. On opening the Instagram app on your mobile phone, now the IGTV icon is also visible on the top right side. When your Instagram profile is accessed, you get to see the IGTV icon first. Before this story ever highlights on your profile, this is the first icon to pop up and notification wakes up when you launch Instagram.

Whether to use IGTV inside Instagram or in a separate IGTV platform is the choice you have to make. Now, let us see how to download Instagram IGTV for your Desktop PC. It is a simple step process and the user need not struggle much to install it on their PC. Let’s see how to download Instagram IGTV on the Desktop PC.

How to Download IGTV for Windows or Mac Desktop PC

  1. First of all, you have to download BlueStacks and install it on Windows and Mac (BlueStacks N on Windows)
  2. Now, open the already installed BlueStacks app on your PC
  3. Go to My Apps->System Apps->Google Play Store on BlueStacks 3
  4. For BlueStacks on Mac, go to PlayStore, search it and open it. You need signup with Google accounts to launch in your Desktop.
  5. Search for IGTV IN Play Store and install it and its free!
  6. Go to My Apps or All Apps
  7. There, you can find IGTV
  8. Once you launch your IGTV account, log in using your Instagram credentials and create your own channel.
  9. Upload the videos and enjoy!

Enjoy the lengthy video with no interruption and never miss you favorite channel right from technology updates Apple, Update with latest music skit Beats channel, Never miss the cricket fever FC Barcelona Update on IGTV and unboxing king Lewis Hilsenteger.

It is really great that Instagram has introduced IGTV, through which you can watch plenty of videos with no interruption of Ads. Have a great time with IGTV!  Please keep being connected to know more updates on IGTV and how to earn form IGTV using Ads. Get influenced with IGTV Video Creators and make them engage more to increase views and make to appear in the popular video list. IGTV USP is lengthy videos and ad-free as you see on Youtube Red concept. Hope to get Ads to appear soon on lengthy Videos so it will be fruitful for Creators this will tune youtube creators to migrate IGTV.

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