YouTube Downloader With No Software and Plugin

To download a video from YouTube we need some kind of downloader and also in some browsers we are in need of additional plug-in like flash player to see the video. We people always like to download the video rather than seeing directly from the YouTube so that we can enjoy video at any time from our local disk. There are many ways to download a video without use of any external software and plug-in. Here are some of the methods to own a youtube videos to your local disk.


# Method 1

Open the video that you want to download from the YouTube or browse it from here. You will find the url in your Address bar it may look like

# In this URL remove http://www.
# Instead of http://www. add “ss” to the Youtube URL
# Now URL will looks like this

Then copy this URL into the new page and press enter. This is the shortcut for savefrom website. Now you can  see another page. And paste the link (URL) in the search box manually if the link is not present there.Choose the format in which you want to download the video from if it is audio song you can prefer  mp3 format it ll be reduced size.  The video will start downloading to your local disk.

# Method 2

search for the video – you need to download from YouTube.
The URL in the Address bar of  YouTube may look like

#In that URL remove http://www.
#Instead of  http://www. just append with a word as done in first method “pwn” to that URL.
#Now the URL looks like

Then hit the enter key it takes you to and it asks for captcha code to proceed.  To check it we are humans. Now you will get the page and links to download your youtube video. You can download video in the mp4 or flv format to your wish. The audio alone can be downloaded by use of mp3 format.


 # Method 3

Search for the video you need to download from YouTube channel this method is like easiest of method 1 and method 2.
The URL may look like

# Remove http://www. in the URL
# Instead of  http://www.  just append a word “ok” to that Youtube URL.
# Now URL is like

Open this in new tab and press enter key or press go button. Your Favorite YouTube video will start download to your local disk.Through Ok you can download YouTube video directly from the YouTube, There is no need to going to any other site other than So the video can be downloaded easily and on the below downlaod button.

# Method 4

Search for the video  in YouTube that you want to download to your local disk. Copy the URL from the address bar. Open them in another tab and type “” or click here  . Paste the YouTube video link in the newly opened page in the YouTube URL text box and click download it takes a while as processing  time and download the video to your local disk.

Download the file, If the process was completed successfully you will get the download video link followed by video name in a popup window. Then move the mouse pointer to that link and select save link as menu from the right mouse button. If there is no problem in your downloading then you will get the file name with .flv extension or else you will get html extension for your video. You can change the file name then click save button. The video is now ready for your download enjoy them in your local disk.

# Method 5

Search for an video or Open them that you want to download from the YouTube channel.
Copy the URL from the address bar.
Open another tab and type link or copy paste this link (this is an alternative for method1 but same website)

Paste the YouTube video link in the text box available and click download.

Before that you have to add this site to your browser. For that Go to the For Users tab present in this site and click download option. When the video is downloaded, Go to the extension window in your browser (For chrome settings->Tools->Extensions, For Mozilla Firefox add-ons->Extension) then drop the downloaded file to extension if you need extension to be downloaded. Click add the file to your browser. Then you will get a notification in the site. So now the site is ready to download the link given. The video will start download.


There are many online YouTube downloader like [ , Videogetting , Savevid , Catchvideo , Clipconverter , Keepvid , Flvto , Savemedia , Keep-tube  ] to download your YouTube videos but the java must be in uptodate (click to update java) to do this process (To download youtube video from online downloader)  Incase of any new methods may know us through comments. Download youtube video downloader to your local disk if you needed.



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