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Affiliate program is a great part of earning through advertising in your website by introducing someone to buy the product, from  e commerce site via our site. The commission is forwarded to us on the product they purchase, through our introduce to that product.

The commission rate for advertising  may vary for each product here is the commission rates from Flipkart  for the product purchase .

flipkart affiliate program - list of percentages for the officiators - the rate may differ for each product they purchase on it - laptops, accessories, books, ebooks , have different percentage commissions If your advertisement with selling price is higher the commission rate will be higher the commission percentage is according to the rate.  It differs for each product . By selling these product  we may get  1000$ per month depends upon the marketing strategy .


Earning of 1000$ in a single order is a great deal  for affiliators ,There are many travel company giving affiliate program to increase their sales , for a single sales of  AIR TICKET we get minimum of 1000$ as a incentive bonus.

List Air craft companies providing AFFILIATE programs


Earn minimum of 500$ for advertising  and  each flight booked through your affiliate link  click this link to apply for affiliate program (click here to reach the link  ) its like an internet broker to reach the audience to buy the tickets through affiliate program. Get it done here


The affiliate is to be considered for the Elite jets Private jet Charter affiliate program to earn up in zero investment for booking.  To join the affiliate program  (click here to reach the link  )   Go to the link to know further details about booking of ticket in it and earning through the booking of tickets. Get it done here


The affiliate is to be considered for the BLACK JETS , booking of tickets and travelling in private jets. blackjet.com is the world’s most lucrative online  affiliate commission  provider for enabling you to make $of  money in the Travel Industry. (click here to reach the link )


Air Broker Net is most excited to introduce  Affiliate  Program with more  features unlimited commissions for every entry made registered, bonuses and co-marketing opportunities for each affiliators . The company goal is to promote with whole package of  hotels , tourism , restaurants to feel the presence of good vacations. bring entries and get high commission for every Leeds.  (click here to reach the link ) for more content read it in websites.

Make use of affiliate programs  generate Leeds and earn huge amount as a commission .

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