How To Embed Instagram Images on your Website ?

Instagram is a simple way to capture, customize, and share photos and short videos using your smartphone or other mobile device. Now instagram lets users to embed photos and videos right onto a webpage without needing to use a third-party service.


If there’s something you want to post from instagram to your blog or website,You can embed from your own content or as well as photos and videos from public profiles.You can do Embed Images and videos to websites easily within a few minutes by using the various methods and techniques.

Methods to embed instagram images to Website:

Method 1: Embedding Using Share Option

  • Visit the post on the web and get the embed code. Go to the post URL if you have it, similar to the below one;


  • Click on the Embed option in the bottom right side of the page.
  • This will open a dialog where you can get the HTML embed code. Simply copy the code into your website and the embedded post will automatically loaded.


  • By default the post contains the media caption. You can decide to hide it by simply unchecking the caption option in the Embed button dialog.

 Method 2: Embed Instagram Website

  • It is another very simple method to embed the instagram images to your website. [ ]
  • Just you need to copy paste the image url of your instagram page in the above site and click on Generate code.


  • If it is an image you will get the Embed code for image.

  • Likewise if it is a video the embed code is generated for the video.
  • Thus all you need to do is to copy paste the embed code to your website.

Step 3: Using InstaEmbedder Website

  • InstaEmbedder is an Online tool, were users can simply enter the Instagram video URL, select a size from the two options given, and then the embed code is generated.


  • The main advantage of using this site is that we can customize the images using the built-in tools.
  • You can also Customize whether you need the Share buttons,Comments,Likes etc., to be displayed along with the Images or not.


Watch a video on how to use InstaEmbedder Website :

For more information about web embedding, check out the Instagram Help Center. Start Embedding Instagram images and videos to your Website and Blogs in no time!!.

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