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The embedding option in WORDPRESS4.0 bring an creative posting in wordpress, no plugin and extra application never to be installed in WordPress if so WordPress is updated in your blog. The following top websites contents is been embedded easily in WordPress,  lets see how?

Embedding YouTube Video in WordPress4.0:

Since we have using YouTube free plugin for WordPress to embed YouTube videos in WordPress blog. From the update of wordpress4.0 no such application or plugin is needed for embedding YouTube video in WordPress because the wordpres4.0 itself has an special features in embedding YouTube videos in your blog. Let’s see how easily embedding YouTube videos can be possible in WordPress4.0.

Steps for Embed YouTube video in wordpress 4.0:

Step1: Go to YouTube and search for your favorite video which to be shared in your blog or click here (Here I choose Happy We are Singapore)

Step2: Copy the link (URL) of the respected video to be shared in your blog. Paste the URL in stage (where the content will be written for the blog )

Step3: The In build Plugin search for the specific video and add them in the stage. So no need of copying embed code from YouTube video from share option as like image displayed below.

no more copy paste embed code form YouTube WordPress4.0 generates an default application for it | special embedding option in wp4.0

Step4: As like mentioned in below image copy the URL of respected YouTube video and just paste them in stage of your WordPress4.0 blog.

copy youtube video URL and just paste them in stage of your WordPress blog

The video of Happy We are Singapore is done like above process, now it is placed in stage of  WordPress4.0.

The options like YouTube play @ current time is also been used in this method just by right clicking on the video.

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