Experience new world of AIRDROP for IOS


This feature know by all IOS 7  USER, other then IOS users here is a info to know about AIRDROP sharing.

We share our files like images, songs,videos, contacts to our loved once mobile through Bluetooth or through hot spot.  Here is an default application made for IOS 7 to share their their files through AIRDROP from one IOS 7 device to another IOS 7 device easily.

Sharing via Multimedia Message Service (mms), Bluetooth or hotspot takes many steps to share your files with your friends and you will really fed up with that.  IOS 7 brings easier and stronger in sharing files with your loved once  when he / she is near by.


The AIRDROP will be available on file sharing options when the screen pushed towards sky side. The profile pic of  IOS 7 users will be displayed when you on AIRDROP application to your files. The files sharing is made through WiFi with better secured mode with encrypted option while sharing so the hackers feels very tough to hack the passing files to another device.

The Operating system identifies the file type [contacts, songs, videos, pass] and place them in respective list contact in contact list, photos in photo  gallery , videos in video player , pass in passbook. The sharing can be done with multiple IOS 7 people from one device just by tapping the profile pictures in a list. The default visibility is made when you add a contact of a person to be shared and turning ON / OFF can be made manually, Here is the snapshot will explains will explains more than a words.

AIRDROP SCREEN SHOT SOURCE FRoM APPLE WEBSITE - share your files with airdrop within any IOS 7 user  who is near by - sharing is made secured with encryption option between wifi

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