Facebook Audience Insights:

Facebook is the Social media, which is used for communicate with your friends and families etc. Facebook have lot of applications and facilities also. If you are the business man or marketer you should know about your competitors, and know about yourself. Don’t worry now you can do it with a new tool. This tool launched by Facebook (know more), which is called Facebook Audience Insights. This tool list some of the categories, based on this categories you can insights about users. “Demographics, Page likes, Location and language, Purchase Activity, Facebook usage”.

If you want to give Ad about your product and want to publishing, you can do it by use of this tool. It will tell the above categories of the customer. This information can be viewed by three different kinds of people: the general Facebook audience, the people who connected to specific page or event, and your current customers. This Facebook Audience Insights, now available for all US marketers and in the coming month it will raise globally. Know more about Audience insight of Facebook. Try your page Insight from simply measured  site by just pasting your link and  logging into your Facebook profile.

facebok insight simply measured photo from techmaza

Article Spencer: Kalaiarasi Subramani

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