Free! Free! window 8.1 update

Windows Blue actually being Windows 8.1, a Windows 8 update released for free through the Windows 8 is better compare to other operating system after discussion. They release windows 8.1 as update for window 8 operating 8.1 has been released on june 26th officially with the full release clearly intended to be delivered in time of holiday season..


Its is free for all windows 8 users and windows RT user also , It will be delivered through the Windows Store or  usual Windows Update channel. Microsoft’s Tami Reller relieved during presentation for previous week..window 8.1 is very useful to the window 8 user.

It will  help us to deliver the next generation of PCs and tablets with our OEM partners and to deliver the  good experiences customers .it can be  both consumers and businesses alike —its need and will just expect moving forward.”

 Start Button is a major key source  for windows 8.                                       


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